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In the eMail Room

email-lostDealing With Passive/Aggressive Communications

I get lots of mail. LOTS of mail. 99.9% of the time it’s quite nice, with questions, compliments and requests for assistance. The typical stuff.

Every now and then, it’s not so nice. And though there are varying levels of rude and nastiness, the ones that get me laughing, and often get a response are the passive/aggressive ones.

I received one of those today. I’ve had a few students, and fellow Metaphysical ministers ask me how do you handle these? How do you not let them get to you? Well that’s easy really. I’m not what those people “expect” me to be, so it’s easy not to fall into their trap and react the way they “expect’ me to react. Continue reading

Mother Nature’s Waters

snowwolfCollecting & Using Water For Rituals

Practitioners of pagan paths have long been associated with and connected to nature and all its elements. Using natures energy to empower workings and promote their connection to spirit, can be found on every continent throughout history.

When the world relied heavily on the swing of Nature’s spirit, rain and snow were honored components of every day life. Crops needed the right amount of rain to flourish. Winter needed the right amount of snow to maintain water supply. That hasn’t changed over the ages. But as societies became more urban, the focus on Nature’s energy and our connection to it has faded.

Today people notice the extremes of weather and pay little attention to its every day impacts. Unless you’re a farmer, or have your own garden in your backyard, you may not give the rain a second thought. But if you’re pagan and look for the energy in Nature’s movements through our world, you know it can be both an omen and a blessing. Continue reading