Mother Nature’s Waters

snowwolfCollecting & Using Water For Rituals

Practitioners of pagan paths have long been associated with and connected to nature and all its elements. Using natures energy to empower workings and promote their connection to spirit, can be found on every continent throughout history.

When the world relied heavily on the swing of Nature’s spirit, rain and snow were honored components of every day life. Crops needed the right amount of rain to flourish. Winter needed the right amount of snow to maintain water supply. That hasn’t changed over the ages. But as societies became more urban, the focus on Nature’s energy and our connection to it has faded.

Today people notice the extremes of weather and pay little attention to its every day impacts. Unless you’re a farmer, or have your own garden in your backyard, you may not give the rain a second thought. But if you’re pagan and look for the energy in Nature’s movements through our world, you know it can be both an omen and a blessing.

Rain, snow and ice are all part of that flowing energy of Nature’s waters. They can be a very powerful force to connect with and utilize in any spiritual ritual. Many practitioners of magik assign great importance to using this flow of energy from Mother Nature in the same way they assign importance to the varying phases of Grandmother Moon and her energy. The ebb and flow of Nature’s Water, in all its forms, generate cycles of energy that can be used for setting shields of protection, cleansing negative situations, washing away past situations that are holding on to you, promote balance and so on.

As with anything, there’s no set in stone rule for where, when and how to collect Nature’s waters and use them in rituals. Nor is there a right or wrong way for how to store what you’ve collected. Some of what follows comes from practices which are taken from oral traditions and Smokey mountain folklore of my teachers. Some is gleaned from study and research of various Shamanistic practices and some is from my own experience.

The Impact of Nature’s Waters
Weather changes are not something to be avoided. Storms clean the air, clear out the humidity, and help plants to grow or maintain moisture during the winter. Water flows and reminds us that all things move and change. Water bends and finds the path of least resistance reminding us to go with the flow and not fight so hard against the stream. Without water we as humans cannot survive. It touches everything in our lives and everything we need and use to maintain a healthy life. From washing your hands, to drinking that much needed cup of coffee or tea in the morning, we cannot survive without it.

At the same time, Nature’s Waters are one of the most powerful forces on Earth. It reminds us how forceful nature can be and that we are merely custodians here on our Blue Planet. Even with all our intelligence and ability to create and build, nothing we do can stand up against the force of nature. Either through catastrophic storms or through time and patience, Nature’s Waters can destroy and create and we are at its mercy. As such, it’s something that deserves respect from everyone.


Although it’s not a wise idea to go out in a lightning storm, or hail storm, standing out in the rain and letting it wash over you can be energizing physically, mentally and spiritually. Although a blowing blizzard can be a dangerous storm, standing beneath a peaceful snow flurry can ease tension and create a sense of calmness within the mind, body and spirit. The world seems to fall into stillness during a snow event. Everything becomes quiet, smells fresh and seems crisp as you stand outside and listen to the flakes falling through the trees and touching down on the snow covered ground. Uniting your energy with Nature’s waters is no different from basking in the warmth of Father Sun. But we often don’t think about or take time to unite our being with these forms of Mother Earth’s touch.

The Classification Of Nature’s Waters
Each form of Nature’s water will have its own flow of energy and that will impact how it can be used in rituals. Just as you put importance on the color of a candle for prayer, or the purpose of a crystal that you use for a talisman, the energy within Nature’s waters also provide influence in your daily life and especially in ritual.

Collecting these waters under their varying conditions and properly storing them, allows you to capture the flow of energy of the time and use it later even if there’s storm outside to connect with. And like most things in Nature, the type of water from nature has its own underlying energy and influence.

  • Snow is light and airy, so it often represents the purity of Divine consciousness. Both your higher mind consciousness and the Divine force you utilize in your life are represented in each snow flake.
  • Ice is hard and sturdy, thus it represents strength and creation. Think about using ice in ice sculptures for instance.
  • Rain is mailable, thus it represents change and movement. Such as going with the flow, bending and always moving.
  • Fresh water from a pond or lake is a collection of sustained energy. It provides a reservoir of creative energy. Think of it this way, these bodies of water provide life sustaining liquid to the animals that drink from it and the animals that live in it. This establishes the energy of Creation within its cells so to speak.
  • Salt water from the oceans are seen as the great purifiers. But the world’s oceans impact our weather patterns more than any other force on Earth. These two characteristics put sea water at the top of the chain so to speak. Where fresh water is the energy of Creation, salt water is the source of that creation and represents Mother Earth or the Divine Consciousness itself.

yulewolfIt’s helpful to keep these classifications in mind as you go about collecting and using Nature’s Waters in its many forms. But remember this isn’t rocket science. As with most things that deal with the correspondence of energy, if you think a little about what it is and what it doesn, you can link the flow of its energy to a meaning or influence.

Adding Energy Elements
Some people like to add certain types of energy to their waters through the infusion of natural stones or crystals. For these people this is manually recreating what Mother Earth does in streams and rivers naturally. As water flows through a stream, it filters through rock and crystal picking up components of those objects that can infuse their energy to the water.

Depending on which crystals or stones you use, will depend on what additional energies you add to the waters you’ve collected.

There are many ways to create the infusion of energy. You can add clean stones or crystals into a funnel, so when you pour the water through, it collects energy from the stones/crystals along its path.

You can place your water in a container and add the stones or crystals to soak in the water for a period of time, under the sun or during a particular phase of the moon and create many additional types of infused energy for specific rituals. The possibilities are endless here. But no matter how you process your water, you must first collect it.

Collecting and Using Nature’s Waters
Collecting any form of Nature’s waters isn’t that different, but storing it of course is. While you can store varying types of rain, lake or sea water, the collection of snow and ice are generally meant to be used outside where they will remain in their original form. However, that of course is not a set in stone rule.

There are groups who implement the practice of collecting snow or ice, melting it for storage and utilizing it in ritual in liquid form. Others collect it and as quickly as possible before melting has a chance to set in, they store it in the freezer to maintain its form. This is hard to do with snow, as freezing it changes its composition slightly.

rainwaterOthers believe the melting process changes the original energy set into the snow or ice. They believe that even if you have a controlled freezer that can keep these forms of Nature’s energy intact, you’re still altering its composition by taking it to a different environment of “cold”. Some even believe that enclosing forms of snow and ice into an air tight unit such as a freezer, you’re again altering its chemical make up by removing the oxygen.

I don’t see a difference between putting a snowball in a freezer, versus putting rain water in an air tight bottle. But that’s simply my perspective. As I mentioned, there’s no right or wrong here.

If you ask what I do, I try to use the snow or ice outside in its initial environment. But let me make one quick note here. When we say ice we’re talking about any kind of ice. From hail, to ice sickles to ice that forms on a lake. If you have a bird bath in your garden that has collected rainwater and then freezes, that counts as ice too.

As you read the following, don’t be afraid to question, wonder or alter these specifications to fit your own views. I can’t stress this enough when it comes to using any tool for ritual, especially spiritual rituals, prayers or spells. If you don’t feel connected to the tool and energy you’re incorporating in your workings, then you’re setting a foundation of uncertainty from the start of your efforts. You must do what feels right to you. Following guidelines are one thing, but sitting down to create your own energy that will put forth for manifestation is another. Think for yourself and do what feels right in your heart, and you’ll be fine. The GreatSpirits or whatever you call that Divine force in your life, know we’re not perfect and we’re simply doing the best we can. As long as you have the right intent, they’ll work with you and help you along.

Collecting Nature’s Waters
Nature’s waters in all it’s forms has natural elements from the clouds. The type of storm generating the precipitation will add to the waters energy and “best use” purpose. What rituals can you use rain water for, when should you use lake water versus spring water. What’s the best way to collect the water, should you allow your hands to touch it? All these are some common questions I hear from people when it comes to collecting elements from nature.

There are some common rule of thumb practices in the collection and storage of Nature’s waters. The vessel you use to collect the water should be clear, non-colored glass. A bowl, cup or jar doesn’t matter. But it should not be crystal. Regular everyday glass is the best collector.

Some believe it should only be collected in natural metals (copper, silver, gold, etc.), because glass is a processed object. That has always confused me, because a metal bowl is also processed to manipulate it into a shape of ones choosing. So go with what you like best or what’s easiest for you. In some situations glass may not be the best material to use for fear of it breaking.

glassjarsStoring your collection seems to have a universal agreement. Your water should be stored in colored glass to protect it from the light of the sun. After all, the sun isn’t typically shining when it rains. The color of the glass depends on when and where you made your collection, and what purpose it will be used for.

Additionally, they should be closed with cork lids. Finding antique glass bottles and jars can be a lot of fun as well. Nothing like going out on a fall day to area antique stores looking for old bottles. And you can find corks of every size at your local craft store.

Bottles should be thoroughly washed before being used to store you water collection. Wash them with soapy water. Soak them over night in regular tap water with a tablespoon of dissolved sea salt. Rinse them thoroughly and they should be ready for storing your collected waters.

Don’t forget to label what’s inside the bottle. I think one of the best ways to do this is by wrapping a tag around the bottle. You can pick up tags with strings on them at your local office supply store. It’s easier to remove them than labels are and you can reuse the tags as well. Your want a label/tag that records three important pieces of information:

  1. The date and time it was collected. I know people who also add the phase the moon was in at the time of collection.
  2. Where the collection took place. You’ll understand this more in a moment (keep reading).
  3. What you collected. Is this dew from a rose, rain from a lightning storm, melted snow? Give it a description.

Do not use wood, leather or other natural materials because the water will have a tendency to absorb the minerals and energies of the container. This will alter its composition and change the energy you wanted to collect for your workings.

Your collection of Nature’s waters should be stored in a magikal closet, protected from the light. And it should be used within 60 days of collection.

Nature’s Flow
Each type of storm pulls together various fragments of energy that create the flow and function of the precipitation that moves through it. These components will impact the type of energy infused into the water. The following is by no means meant to be a complete list, but hopefully it’s a good start for your grimoire.

❄ Lightening Storm / Lightening Snow
Rain and snow collected during a lightning storm has the greatest energy. This is especially true for Lightening Snow storms, primarily because they are so rare. Collect it directly from the sky and store it in a white glass bottle. It can be used to empower any spell or prayer. Use it in a bath to re-energize your being, or to aid in a ritual for clearing and cleansing yourself, an area or any object.

❄ Wind, Tornado, Hurricane Storm
Water collected during a wind storm, especially a Tornado or Hurricane Storm, should be stored in a blue glass bottle. It can be used to empower spells for moving things forward. Such as letting go of the past and moving forward in your life.  Use it for getting out of a rut or changing a pattern you don’t like.  Or for helping a project move forward and get beyond any current blocks.

❄ Rain & Sun Storm
Rain collected when the sun is shining is a very rare thing, but it does happen. It can be used to balance energies when you’re feeling weighed down, or flighty and scattered in your thoughts. It should be stored in a dark green glass bottle.

❄ Hail Storm or Sleet
Rain collected from a hail storm is one of the few times I use a metal bowl for collection. And if you’re wondering, I use a copper pot. There are those who believe an iron bowl should be utilized and the hail should not stay in the bowl for longer than 3 to 6 hours. It should be stored in a black or very dark brown jar and should be used within 2 or 3 days after collection. Depending on the day, the hail might melt before you retrieve your collection. So consider how you feel about refreezing it.

Hail or sleet can be used for dispelling psychic attacks or negative energies that have been sent to you from someone else. It is also the best form of precipitation to use for ‘black’ magik rituals designed to destroy your enemies or negative forces that stand in your way.

Rose Rain by Springwolf❄ Dew, Rain or Snow from Roses
Precipitation collected from roses can be collected directly into a bowl. Simply shake the water from the roses over the vessel of your choosing for collection.

Black Roses
While black roses aren’t truly black, remember that the intent is what generates energy. Hybrid roses that marketed as “black” carry with them the intent of being a live black variation of the rose. (Read more about the ‘Black Baccara‘ rose).

Precipitation from black roses should be stored in a black or very dark red bottle. It can be used for  warding off negative energies, overcoming hatred,  depression and miserly. If used in a ritual for undoing, you can create energies to reverse these emotions.

Pink Roses
Precipitation from pink roses should be stored in a dark pink bottle. It can be used for matters of protection and compassion.

Purple Roses
Precipitation from purple roses should be stored in a dark purple bottle. It can be used for matters of divination. Such as working to identify your psychic ability, developing your talent and learning the wisdom of divination.

You might even like to sprinkle a little on your table used for divination to enhance your connection to the tool being used and the topic or client you’re performing the reading for.

Red Roses
Precipitation from red roses should be stored in a red bottle. It can be used for matters of love and commitment.

White Roses
Precipitation from white roses should be stored in a white bottle. It can be used for protection and any general spiritual matter. Such as communicating with spirit, working on raising energies for meditation or bringing a greater sense of Divinity into your being.

Yellow Roses
Precipitation from yellow roses should be stored in a yellow bottle. It can be used for bringing success to any kind of venture. Such as a court case, a new business plan, looking for a job and so on.

Multi-colored Roses
Precipitation from multi-colored roses take on the properties of both colors. For instance, a white rose with dark red trim, would infuse both the essence of communication from spirit with the love and commitment.

❄ Rain from The Seasons
Like roses, Precipitation collected through out the year will also have its own flow of energy and therefore can be used for a variety of events.

Precipitation collected in spring should be stored in a light green bottle. It can be used for empowering new ventures. Such as a new relationship, new business ventures, a new job and so on.

Precipitation collected in the summer should be stored in a sky blue bottle. It can be used to encourage growth, be it personal growth, spiritual growth or growth of a venture or relationship. It can also be used for rituals that are designed to overcome bad habits. It’s also great for indoor plants.

Iridescent Collection

Iridescent Collection

Precipitation collected during the fall should be stored in an orange or other fall colored glass bottle. This should be used for giving thanks and showing gratitude for the abundance you have received during the year.

Precipitation collected during the winter should be stored in a silver or iridescent glass bottle. Iridescent bottles can be any color but will sparkle with a rainbow of color when moved in the light. The best color of these bottles to store your winter precipitation is, gold, silver or blue.

Winter precipitation can be used for blessings a person, relationship, family or object. It can also be used for blessing an event such as a wedding, birth, business venture and so on.

❄ Dew, Rain or Snow from Trees
Precipitation collected from a tree is similar to collecting from roses. Depending on the energy of the tree, will depend on what the rain is used for in rituals. In general, a bottle in any variation of green can be used for storing precipitation from trees. But you can also use a color that distinguishes the tree itself, such as a white bottle for birch trees, or greenish-blue for a Blue Spruce and so on.

Ash Trees
The Ash represents balance, spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The ash is a strong wood, and even its most slender limbs are hard to break. As such it also represents strength, endurance and getting back on your feet.

Birch Trees
The birch tree is a totem tree of Celtic shamans. It is seen as the “World Tree,” the axis upon which the universe spins upon. Precipitation collected from a Birch tree can be used for fertility, inception, conception, cleansing, purification, birth and rebirth.

Elder Trees
The Elder tree represents death and regeneration, the Mother phase of the Goddess and wisdom. Precipitation from an Elder tree can be used for transformation, change, communication with spirits. It also represents Gods rebirth and can be used for regeneration or starting over.

Holly Trees
Holly trees represent the physical world, authority, courage, soldiers/warriors, male sexuality and energy. Precipitation from Holly Trees can be used to improve physical energy, provide support for taking on tasks as a leader or in positions of authority.

Oak Trees
The oak tree is seen as the “door” between the light and dark halves of the year. It is the door of protection between the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as, between home and the outside world. A view that is still practiced today. Precipitation from Oak trees can be used for protection, setting shields around yourself, home or a circle for spiritual work.

You can learn more about trees and their characteristics here: Tree Month Calendar.

Donnie Decker - The Rainman

Donnie Decker – The Rainman

❄ Dew, Rain and Snow from The Ground
Precipitation collected from the ground can also provide varying forms of energy. Strong rain storms that generate a flow of water down a driveway, road, or yard will pick up additional energy from that area. For instance precipitation from a flow of rain through a yard will pick up energy from the grass and soil as well.

Remember that whatever was on the ground will also be in the precipitation you collect. This is the one time that I strongly suggest filtering your collection before you store it.

Concrete Driveways
Precipitation collected from a concrete driveway should be stored in a sand colored bottle. It can be used to bind things together. Such as binding yourself to a job. Or binding a family together.

Asphalt Roads or Parking Lots
Precipitation collected from asphalt should be stored in a gray bottle. It can be used to remove negative energies. Or sending negative energies back from where they came.

Dirt Roads
Precipitation from a dirt road should be stored in a brown bottle and can be used to promote a sense of “getting back to nature”. It can be used to promote travel and to create energy for a safe trip.

Grass Lawns/Fields
Precipitation collected from a grassy area should be stored in a green bottle and can be used to promote physical healing of the body.

❄ Dew, Rain or Snow From the Beach
Precipitation falling at the beach has always had a sense of purity to it. It can often feel refreshing, cleansing and re-energizing. There’s nothing like a lightning storm at the beach. And all this promotes an additional element of energy in the rain. Collecting it from a hotel won’t do. You’ll need to be at the beach itself.

The precipitation should be stored in a sea colored bottle. Which can vary depending on where you are in the world. It can be used to for clearing, cleansing and re-energizing your overall physical, emotional and spiritual being. It promotes a sense of serenity and relaxation.


❄ Dew, Rain or Snow from A Building or Object
Collecting precipitation from a building can be tricky. Try looking for a place where the building has a seam of some kind. It’s usually one of the easiest places where you can get a bottle or collector that will allow rain to pour directly into your container. Buildings also have edges or rough profiles where snow can stick to the building.

It’s hard to place a container next to the building and collect the precipitation. Because of this, you can use a tool to collect rain. Try using a funnel to place against the building and funnel the flow into your bottle. Finding a place that ‘drips’ is also good. But try not to take drippings from a roof. The best and safest way to collect snow from a building is to brush it off a window ledge.

Professional Buildings
Precipitation collected from a business building should be stored in a bottle that matches the color of the building. It can be used to empower a ritual or spell designed to match the purpose of the business. For instance, collecting rain from your bank can be used to promote financial abundance. From a court house, it can be used to promote success in a legal matter.

Precipitation collected from a monument, such as a historical site; should be stored in a copper colored  bottle. Copper green can also be used, this is that natural color copper turns to when it ages. It can be used for rituals of remembrance.

Precipitation collected from a gravestone or mausoleum, should be stored in a black glass bottle. Most people think of this as a negative collection; but a gravestone is erected to remember a loved one. So this precipitation can be used to ease a loss, to put things to rest, to bury a long held emotional hurt or to bury feelings that one desires to let go.

spiritualwaterHome / House
Precipitation collected from a home should be stored in a blue bottle. It can be used to create a sense of security, safety and harmony. If you’re hoping to buy a new home, and have an opportunity to collect precipitation from that home, it can be used to promote a connection to the space and set an energy of possession over the property. An “it’s my new home” type of connection to promote the purchase of the home. Of course you’ll want to get permission from the current resident.

Using Nature’s Waters
Once you have your precipitation there are many ways you can use it. Not only in ritual, but to create a sense of energy in various ways.

❄ For a bath, use 1 cup of rain water to 1 tub size of water.

❄ For a ritual, use 1 oz of rain water (equal to 1 shot glass) poured into a glass or brass cauldron.

❄ For a spell or prayer, place all your spell items in your cauldron (such as herbs, oils or other ingredients) and add 1 tablespoon of rain water.

❄ For a cleansing or anointing ritual (such as promoting psychic ability or overcoming a bad habit), pour 1/2 ounce of rain water in a small clear glass bowl. As you recite your incantation, dip your fingers or your wand into the water then mark your physical body. A mark can be made in the shape of a clockwise circle, a pentagram, or any spiritual symbol that has meaning to you. For instance, to promote visionary talents, draw a mark over your third eye. To develop your ‘gut feeling’ mark your skin over your solar plexus.

❄ To anoint a magikal tool, pour 1 oz of rain water onto the tool as you state your incantation to empower the tool for it’s intended purpose.

❄ For Fun
One of the greatest things you can do with clean snow is eat it. Taking in snow promotes a sense of purity, peace and in some cases hibernation (meaning it can help promote peaceful sleep in the winter). There are many family recipes for making snow slush or snow cream. Find one that you like and have a bowl. Here are our favorite family recipes.

Snow Slush
Snow Slush is a slurpee based treat.Ingredients
* Choose your flavor. Natural flavors, such as fruit juice is best. But you can use any beverage you like. Just make sure it’s VERY cold (not frozen). You don’t want the liquid to totally melt the snow.
* Choose the size of bowl you want to use for serving your slush. You will need twice as much snow that will fit in that bowl.Directions:
Making snow slush is a little tricky as there are no real measurements. It’s all based on preference.

  • Fill your bowl with snow.
  • Pour a small amount of liquid upon the snow in a circle.
  • Stir the snow and liquid together. Keep adding snow until you reach the consistency you want for your slush. The less snow the more runny it will be. The more snow, the thicker your slush will be.

For best results, prepare outside in the snow.
Serve cold! Don’t freeze left overs. It’s just not the same.

Snow Cream
Snow Cream is an ice cream based treat.Ingredients
* 1 gal. snow (not packed)
* 1 cup sugar
* 1½ cups milk
* 1 tsp vanilla extractDirections:

  • Put a bowl outside and let it snow!
  • In a medium sized mixing bowl, add sugar and vanilla and mix.
  • Stir in milk.
  • Add snow and mix until all ingredients are fully combined.

For best results, prepare outside in the snow.
Serve cold!


Take what rings true to you and implement it in your own practices. Alter those suggestions that you feel need to be tweaked based on your views and perspectives. Make the practice of using Mother Nature’s energy your own and one that you feel connected with as you conduct your own rituals and practices.

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2013 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Waters

  1. Thank you so very much for such a detailed guide for my future collections. I have been doing this since I was a child using first a vintage set of perfume bottles given to me from my grandmother. Since I have used perfume bottles from family and friends. I especially enjoy the collection from various trees information as I am currently learning more about them…..Your knowledge is a true blessing to me and I truly send my blessings! I have also been collecting my own tears since I was a child. Any suggestions on why I have always felt compelled to do so. Do others do this? I am a solitary person by nature because I have always felt “different”. Blessed Be!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Clara. Thank you for your kind comments. We all have type of inner knowledge from past life experiences. Some of us act on those inner instincts and some ignore them. You’re not as different as you think. There’s lots of us out here who are like you. 😉

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