Archive | October 27, 2013

In Loving Memory

Leonard Columbus Stoots

Found out this afternoon that my favorite Uncle has past. He was the funniest and kindest man. I really loved going to visit at his house when my family traveled to east Tennessee to see our family. Both my parents, were born and raised there. My sisters and I were born there, but raised in northern Virginia. So we traveled over the mountain each summer and most holidays to visit. And my Uncle Leonard’s house was always on the agenda. Even in this last picture I have of the surviving siblings, you can see he’s the one who looks like he’s having a good time.

Front: James, Joe & Birthie Back: Leonard, Robert & Eva

Front: James, Joe & Berthie Back: Leonard, Robert & Eva (my Mom)

Last time I saw Uncle Leonard, my son was 2 and we had gone to Tennessee for my Dad’s funeral. I’m so glad we were able to visit him then and that he and my Aunt Mildred had a chance to meet my son and my partner Garrett. Continue reading