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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Cups – Inverted


Six of Cups - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Play with your dreams in reality and you’ll give them the energy to manifest. Keep them in the bubble and you’ll never be able to fill your cups with abundance. Dreams take physical work and the implementation of steps to attain them. Get to work and stop listening to the nagging inner voice that says you can’t do this. Release the fear that holds your dream inside the protective ball and let the bubble fly!

Additional Insight:

When things are upside down, people automatically assume they’re bad or negative. Stop the negative thinking and start looking at things from a different perspective!

It’s ok to collect scrappings that inspire your dream. As long as you’re doing something in the physical world to make them a reality. Don’t let the difficult steps hold you back. Ask for help, apply for the loan, sign up for the class, talk to the broker or agent and find out what you can do. Even if the answer is no, or not now, you’ve torn down the barrier and put energy into action.

Cups represent the essence of Emotions, Happiness, and Abundance. Your emotions create the energy around you. If you want to lift your cup in celebration, then you need to work on what makes you happy. When you do, you combine your physical and spiritual energy into a creative force that will move you forward toward abundance. Stop thinking about how hard or tough things are going to be and start moving your energy into reality!

And remember that just because that one person said no, doesn’t mean the next one will. Or the next. Or the next. Keep going, keep doing what you’re doing and eventually you will build a snowball that can’t be stopped and someone will say yes.

Dreams are nothing if you let them sit in the bubble. You must put the work and effort into lifting them up where they can float on the breeze. When you’re ready and the foundation is in place, the bubble will pop and fly on its own. So don’t give up! Don’t listen to they nay-sayers, don’t listen to the fear. stop worrying about the what if’s that may never happen. Take the chance and step forward off the cliff. You may just find that you can fly and were worried about nothing!


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Science Studies Universal Consciousness

Pack PoliticsMorphic Fields

One thing about Metaphysics is that we’re generally patient people. We try to go with the flow and allow everyone to believe what they choose. We are all on our own path and at different levels of knowledge and understanding. But it’s nice to finally see Science catching up with us.

As someone who is interested in Metaphysics, I’m also very interested in Physics. So shows that discuss science, astrophysics, psychology often get my attention. I really like “Through the Wormhole” on Discovery, hosted by Morgan Freeman.

This past weekend we found an episode we hadn’t seen. Morphic Fields: Is there an invisible “morphic field” of energy generated by any living thing that directs the bodies of every animal and plant on Earth? This is only a 2min video of the episode.

It’s sad that science has to change the name to something we spiritual people have known about for centuries as “energy fields” but ok, whatever. The premise is animals have a collective consciousness. We see it in the flight of a flock of birds that move as one, a herd of deer or wilder beasts, in schools of fish and a variety of other animals.

Well humans are animals too. Do we have a collective consciousness? Of course we spiritual people say yes. But Science has long dismissed this notion. Until now. Studies are being conducted at several universities around the world to test the idea behind collective thought or prerogative thought that can be measured on the human level. It’s interesting research and it’s another case of Physics finally catching up to Metaphysical knowledge,

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