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Thank you for the Blessings

Wolf Prayers & Blessings

Many Thanks and Blessings

A Special Gift

Families all over the world are struggling in these hard economic times. People give up little things in order to make ends meet. As things continue, they find themselves giving up even more and still it’s not enough.

Nearly everyone has been touched in some way in these hard times. Some more than others. Some have lost so much that they find something in their life to hold on to that gives them the strength to get them through.

What that thing is will be different for each person. For some it’s their children or a beloved pet. For others it’s a decadent pleasure, maybe the ability to have a bottle of coke at lunch or that special cup of coffee in the morning. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Three of Cups – Inverted

Three of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be careful with whom you commiserate with today. The fears of others are not yours to own. So don’t take them on. Don’t take on their anxiety and allow their short sighted views to control your emotions. You will only make things worse than they really are. Stay within your own mind and focus on your own table. It’s not as bare as you’re making it out to be.

Additional Insight:

Cups are the essence of Emotions, Happiness, and Abundance. You can’t fill them when they are upside down and closed off from receiving the sustenance you want the most. Others can’t make you happy or control your emotions. They can’t give you abundance of anything, be it peace, security or finances. Only you control these things within your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Many people are stressed and worried as they face uncertainty that’s out of their control. Those who planned for this event will make it through with little effort or worry. Those who didn’t plan, simply need to take ownership of their own situation and manage what they have. And not allowing the over sensitive, exaggerated assumptions of others to pull them into drama that doesn’t even exist.

Call those you need to and tell them you’re going to be late. They will understand and are willing to work with you through troubled times. Don’t leave things the way they are and ignore them because you’re unsure. It’s ok not to know. Really. You can take control of your life and show responsibility even though others around you are not doing so. By being accountable, you will relieve a great deal of worry and stress freeing your shoulders for the burdens that are more important.

It’s only a minor set back. Stay focused within your Mind, give yourself time to engage your body and work from a place of spirit. You’ll rise above and get through the current dilemmas. And you will get through this by working from a place of balance. Ease your mind, work your body and entertain your spirit. Things will change next week.

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