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Thank you for the Blessings

Wolf Prayers & Blessings

Many Thanks and Blessings

A Special Gift

Families all over the world are struggling in these hard economic times. People give up little things in order to make ends meet. As things continue, they find themselves giving up even more and still it’s not enough.

Nearly everyone has been touched in some way in these hard times. Some more than others. Some have lost so much that they find something in their life to hold on to that gives them the strength to get them through.

What that thing is will be different for each person. For some it’s their children or a beloved pet. For others it’s a decadent pleasure, maybe the ability to have a bottle of coke at lunch or that special cup of coffee in the morning. Continue reading

Thank You For The Feedback

Helping to Improve Information & Understanding

Yesterday I posted a new article ‘What is Paganism / A Basic Description of Paganism & Pagan Metaphysics‘. I was astounded by the attention and wonderful emails and messages I received about the article. And many of you had some great ideas for improving the information. 

Because of your great suggestions, I’ve updated the article to include information about the Burning Times, the growth of our religion, Covens, clans and alike, what hiving is and a few more things.

Thank you all who wrote and thank you for the kind words of support and encouragement!

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