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Animal Sign – Virginia Black RatSnake

Eastern Ratsnake

Eastern Ratsnake – Virginia Herpetological Society
Picture by Paul Sattler

My Friday the 13th, 2016 Adventure

It seems fitting to have an encounter with a black animal on Friday the 13th. We have cats, and a wild black cat hangs around house now and then throughout the week. So for us, cats aren’t unusual.

But this afternoon while I was going out on an errand, I ran into some traffic at the security gate to our neighborhood. Now if you’ve followed my blog for a little while, you may know we live on large lake in a gated community. We have a great deal of wild life around here, including various types of snakes. In and out of the water. But I didn’t expect to see a snake in the road in the highest traffic area of our entire community.

As I was pulling up to the exit side of the gate house, I noticed something in the road. People were driving around it or right over it, but either way, careful not to hit it. When I approached, I realized it was a snake. Two of my favorite security guys were out there, keeping their distance with another resident pointing and looking at the snake. But they didn’t seem to know what to do about it. Continue reading

In Peace and Tolerance



A Statement Of Unity
News Release 12.10.2014

Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections  release a statement on the recent violence  that has highlighted racial inequality and violence against humanity.

Everyone here at Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections share concern with many in the world and within our Pagan communities regarding inequalities between people not only in the American justice system, but within our societies and cultures as well. And on the recent release of a U.S. Congressional report on torture.

As Pagans, we view all life as sacred and as such, all lives matter. That belief extends not only to human life, but ALL life. We see our Divine world in the context that I am not the Goddess, you are not the God. But you and I, and all things seen and unseen throughout the Divine Cosmos make up the Divine Consciousness of the All and Everything. Continue reading

An Unexpected Visitor

We Have Bats Up In Here!

So the cats are in the bathroom getting into something. I go in and find the shower curtain rod halfway down the wall. I go to push it back up and I notice this big brown something on the wall. Now it’s the bathroom, so the first I think is ..yeah..poop. How the hell did poop get on the wall?

Ok, so it wasn’t a rational thought and I look closer. Uh..How the heck did this little guy get in here?!!

The Bat by Springwolf 🐾 ©201405

Click the Image for a Larger View

After the realization that it was a bat, comes the heart pounding OMG!! Ok, how am I going to get him out of here without hurting him or getting me bitten? I ran the cats out of the bathroom and closed the door. Which in and of itself was also irrational, the bathroom door had been open for several hours and he didn’t come out. So why would he come out now that I knew he was there? Right? Shut up, this isn’t your irrational moment! 😉 Continue reading

Thank you for the Blessings

Wolf Prayers & Blessings

Many Thanks and Blessings

A Special Gift

Families all over the world are struggling in these hard economic times. People give up little things in order to make ends meet. As things continue, they find themselves giving up even more and still it’s not enough.

Nearly everyone has been touched in some way in these hard times. Some more than others. Some have lost so much that they find something in their life to hold on to that gives them the strength to get them through.

What that thing is will be different for each person. For some it’s their children or a beloved pet. For others it’s a decadent pleasure, maybe the ability to have a bottle of coke at lunch or that special cup of coffee in the morning. Continue reading

You’re Never Alone

put-uponChoosing Your Feelings

Ever hear that phrase “You’re born alone, you live alone, you die alone”? I’ve come to dislike that phrase. And I’ve come to realize how untrue it really is.

I’ll start with “You’re born alone.”
I’m a Mom of a beautiful, smart and thoughtful child (well he is most of the time). But I’m fairly sure I was there when he was born. Within seconds he was being held by his father, caressed by me and loved even before he entered this world and took his first breath.

With very few exceptions on this Earth, the very moment we feel the air on our body and fill our lungs, we are touched and cared for with kindness and love. So how did this concept develop that we’re born alone? Continue reading

Thank You For The Feedback

Helping to Improve Information & Understanding

Yesterday I posted a new article ‘What is Paganism / A Basic Description of Paganism & Pagan Metaphysics‘. I was astounded by the attention and wonderful emails and messages I received about the article. And many of you had some great ideas for improving the information. 

Because of your great suggestions, I’ve updated the article to include information about the Burning Times, the growth of our religion, Covens, clans and alike, what hiving is and a few more things.

Thank you all who wrote and thank you for the kind words of support and encouragement!

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Believe In You!

Merlin von HabbenhausPep Talks To Help You Be Inspired

Sometimes we get so busy telling others to have confidence in their knowledge and abilities that we forget to do that for ourselves. Why is that?

It doesn’t matter how many years of experience, accolades or good feedback you get from others, if you don’t believe in yourself. We all have doubts and question some of the things we do, our plans or even our dreams. Many try to put those self doubts aside and steamroll our actions forward regardless. But even having them in your subconsciousness work away at your mental or physical being.

Find something that will provide you with the confirmation you need to find that confidence within. Maybe it’s going back to school, or taking a class. Maybe it’s attaining a license of some sort, or working at a particular type of business where you can learn from others you have respect for. Whatever it is for you, start working on it for YOU.

Remember ..ego isn’t always a bad word. As with all things; it’s about balance.

I have written several articles over the years to help give yourself some inspiration, a pep talk or tools to handle stress, fear and anxiety. From ways to create plans and supports, to confidence builders that help you manifest your dreams. YOU can have the confidence within yourself to change for the better and succeed! You really can do this!! Whatever the challenge, whatever the dream; you have the ability to create and manifest success. You merely have to start Believing In You!

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