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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Judgement

Major Arcana Judgement
If you’re going to sit in judgement of others, make sure you have ALL the facts. Managing by rumor allows you to be played by those who want to undermine you and those they’re talking about. Rumor is rarely accurate and you could be unjustly sentencing someone for something they never did. Be very careful who you listen to today. In your circle, in the news and especially at school or the work place!

Additional Insight:

Sitting in judgement carries with it a huge measure of accountability and karma. If you’re going to take on that role, you better be sure you’re weighing the scales of justice in a balanced and fair manner. The result may not only tilt for the one you’re passing judgement upon, but on you as well.

We make judgements every day and in nearly every situation we come across throughout our day. You judge who your friends are, who you can trust and who you can’t. It’s not a bad thing to judge situations or those around you. It’s part of nature and definitely part of human nature. The negativity comes when you use your judgement unfairly and without all the facts.

Rumors are never good things to use or hold over someone. Judgement requires proof, facts and that takes time to find the answers. In some situations however, rumors can be a note to take caution and discover if there is any truth to the matter.

If you hear something about someone and feel you’re in a position to judge the situation, then start at the source. Have the decency and the guts to ask the person face to face that the rumor is about and find the truth. Listen to their story and then speak to anyone else they bring up in their tale. Ask for their story. But be cautious. If you’re in a position of authority, your investigation could be seen as being a nosy bizzy body who needs to keep their intrusions to themselves.  Make sure you have the authority to sit in judgement.

At the very least don’t be part of the problem who spreads false rumors or hateful stories. Don’t be part of the bullying crowd. It’s not fair to those who are being attacked by the rumor, especially when you find out it isn’t true. Or worse that the situation was orchestrated by someone trying to destroy someone or a group or a situation.

Be cautious of your own actions and don’t go along with the crowd. If you want to be seen as the leader, as the person others can trust or count on, then you must step up and take on that role with just cause, responsibility and confidence. Be better than those who don’t think for themselves. Be the respected authority you dream of becoming.

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