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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Queen of Wands – Inverted

Queen Of Wands - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You can’t hide in the shadows any longer. Time to make the changes you’ve been working toward and come out in the open. Fall is the season to put things to rest and heal the inner spirit. Align yourself with the new and moving forward. Let the old fall into the blissful peace of the past. Let go and let the Divine in your life take you into the future you’ve designed for yourself.

Additional Insight:

Wands represent the essence of Enterprise & Inaction, Inspiration & Pessimism, Distinction & Disregard.

Those who refuse to accept change and continually battle against the flow do so out of fear. Or because they have become used to the drama and crave it. Don’t be the drama queen/king.

You can use the wands to create the magik in your life and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Or you can choose to remain in the rut you’re in and wallow in self pity. Which do you desire most?

Allow your inspiration to carry you forward down the path you’re meant to walk. Things that aren’t working out now might be telling you a change is needed. Perhaps you’re doing things others have told you to do instead of what YOU want to do. Make the change and follow your heart.

You may find that when you live the purpose of your soul’s mission, things fall into place with ease. Opportunities arise where before, there wasn’t even a door. Align yourself with your Divine spirit and watch the old blocks fall away and the path before you becomes laden with a soft carpet to tread. Avoid the pitfalls, potholes and rough road. Do the work your soul came here to accomplish.

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