The 5 Minute Alignment Meditation

Aligning Your Energies To The Divine In Your Life


Close Your Eyes & Relax

Everyone has moments when they reach their limit and feel overwhelmed. Without sorrow we cannot know happiness. But how we move through those depleting emotions determines how we move forward through them.

If you can sit down and align your thoughts and energies with the Divine in your life; you can find renewed strength to endure and persevere. Have compassion for yourself and your feelings. You have a right to feel your emotions and work through them. But all things have a balance. Too much of anything can be detrimental.

In today’s world meditation is viewed from two perspectives, from the spiritual form of enlightenment and becoming one with spirit. Or through the eyes of mainstream medicine as a non-denominational practice that can relieve stress.If a non-denominational practice interests you, try the 5 Minute Meditation.

Meditation in both forms has been shown to be beneficial for relieving stress, improving health and increasing productivity. But for many it’s more than an alternative medical approach to dealing with stress and anxiety. It’s a way of finding renewed strength on a personal and spiritual level. To open a connection between the inner self and the Divine force in that person’s life to gain inner strength to persevere and endure trials, challenges and over come those situations with the help of that greater force. 

Whatever you call that Divine energy or who or what that Divine force maybe is completely up to you. The following is a generic process that you can enhance or alter to fit your personal views and beliefs. 

The 5 Minute Alignment Meditation:

The following is a quick process for a 5 Minute Meditation. If you’re at work, you can do this at your desk, schedule a conference room where you can be alone or share the time with a few co-workers. You can even take a break and go to your car or a local park, sit under a tree on the far side of the parking lot or simply hide in the store-room for a few minutes.

If you’re at home, sit on the edge of the couch, or in a warm bath to find a moment of relaxation. Any place in or around your home that gives you a few moments of solitude will do. You can take 5 minutes in the morning before you get out of bed, or 5 minutes before you lay down and go to sleep at night. Extend your morning shower and incorporate the flowing water into your visualization to wash out the stress.

As a spiritual practice you may want to light a candle and say a simple prayer before you begin. Some people prefer to conduct their meditation before a small altar in their home. Others enjoy using a portable altar that they can take with them to any location inside or outside. Simply make sure any items you may use are safe for your surroundings.

What works for someone else may not work for you. So try different methods, or different situations to take your 5 minutes of relaxation each day.

  • Begin by sitting comfortably in an upright position. Rest your hands and arms in your lap. Palms up.
  • Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths through your nose, but exhale through your mouth.
    • The key here is to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity. And then to exhale to your fullest ability as well.
    • If you want to add a simple visualization,
      • Imagine the Divine Light as a White source of energy gathering together in the depths of space and moving through the atmosphere, gently coming toward you and into your body through your nose as you inhale. See this light penetrating your body like a pure white beam of light that grows larger and stronger with each breath you take in. Imagine the light traveling down your spine and filling your entire body from its center point at your solar plexus (where your rib cage meets at the bottom).
      • As you exhale, imagine all your stress, anxiety and negative energy being pushed out of your body as if this balloon of white light is forcing the negativity out of your inner being. Exhale through your mouth and visualize a gray smoke of negative energy leaving through your mouth.  See this smoke rising out into space where it will dissipate and no longer cause harm to anyone.
  • Return to normal breathing and focus on white beam of light coming from space and into your body. Imagine this light moving, vibrating and pulsing with love and compassion as it moves from your nose to the top of your head (this would be your crown chakra). Imagine the source of this energy coming straight from the Divine. However that might appear to you is what’s important in this step. Do this for about 5 slow and methodical breaths.
  • Turn your attention to this Divine energy moving through your physical body. See it as an energizing force that relaxes all the muscles of your physical body. As if you’re receiving a massage by the Divine from within your body. Fell your physical body relax and release the tension you’ve been carrying. Some people like to take a little longer to focus on each part of the body, by seeing the neck and shoulders, then the arms and upper back, the midback and stomach, hips and lower back, upper thighs front and back, and then calf muscles, ankles and feet. You can focus on each area pulling the Divine energy in with an inhale and a massage of that muscular area on the exhale.
  • With the physical taken care of, turn your attention to the mental/spiritual. Imagine the energy of the Divine stimulating your mind and consciousness with a gentle stream of bright clear yellow energy. This is the color of success and creation. Imagine this as a warm ray of sunshine in the form of Divine energy that flows into your head. This is also a good time to say a short prayer. You can give thanks for the energy, ask the Divine to ease your burdens, give you strength, help you see the solution to an issue and/or to guide you to create what you desire. If that hope is for a job, financial security, or a solution to a specific problem you’re facing. This is your time with the Divine, you can talk about anything you feel a need to discuss or resolve.
  • Now here’s the most important part of this meditation. Take the last minute of your meditation to listen! All this asking for help is great, but does nothing if you take time to listen for the answer. You may see the response through images that pop into your head. You may hear the message by simply knowing what’s being said. You may feel the answer in your gut and know how to proceed. Everyone is different, but everyone has the ability to hear the Divine force in their life speak to them. All we need do is listen. If you receive a message and you’re not sure about it, don’t be afraid to ask. Explain what you think you heard or saw and ask how does that help me? You can keep asking until you understand what you’re given.
  • When you’re ready, take in one deep cleansing breath and open your eyes on the exhale.

If the things that are causing you stress pop into your mind while you’re conducting this meditation, simply wash them away with a wave, like the ocean clearing the sand at the beach. Put aside the lists, or reminders of what you may need to do after your meditation. Put aside any guilt about taking a few moments for yourself, and the worry that someone else is going to be upset with your 5 minutes of down time. Let someone around you know what you’re going to do if you need to. Or post a note on the door or on your cubical. Don’t be embarrassed about taking a few minutes to clear your head so that you can be more productive. Those around you will understand and maybe even ask you to share this process with them. And if they don’t understand, that’s their burden, not yours.

If your meditation takes longer than 5 minutes, keep practicing it. You’ll find it will go quicker as you gain experience. You can also change it up a little to cut some time here or shorten that part of the visualization. But whatever you do, don’t give up. If you have a little more time and keep it longer than 5 minutes, you’ll reap benefits from that too.

This is just one method of meditation. Use it verbatim or change it up to fit your own personal interests and perspectives. If it inspires you to create your own 5 minute meditation process that’s great! Some people like to add music, others light incense or a candle (just make sure you’re allowed to do that if you’re at work). This is your 5 minutes, so put the process to work for YOU.

Good luck and I hope this short meditation can help those that need it the most!

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



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