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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knave of Wands

Knave of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Take some time to think before you make your final decision. Things are going to change when you sign the dotted line. Make sure you understand exactly how much they’ll change. Read the fine print and ensure you contemplate everything in your day, week, life that will be impacted. If you don’t, you could be giving away something you never intended to let go. The issue might be easily resolved with a little tweak of language. So don’t rush through your choices.

Additional Insight:

Something may sound like the deal of a lifetime, but you need to make sure you fully understand the fine print before you accept the offer. Once you do, there’s no going back and you won’t be able to un-do what has been agreed to.

Your uneasiness should be a warning to you that something in the deal isn’t right for you. It may not be an intentional attempt to manipulate you. But then again, it will be hard to tell if you don’t see the problem in the contract up front. Make sure you’re looking for what is there that might need to be altered and what isn’t there that should be included.

Read it through no matter how long it takes, or how impatient the other party becomes. You can easily tell them you want to take a few hours to read and digest the paperwork. Or explain you don’t feel comfortable with this and would like some legal advice before you sign. Ask if you can take it with you, or if you can have an hour or two. If they say no, then you should hear that as a clear answer NOT to take the deal! Don’t get pressured into doing something that’s not in your best interest in the long run. 

You are responsible for your choices. Feel empowered and confident to stand up for yourself. You’ll be able to catch the issue, make a counter offer to change the wording and clear up the confusion. Any deal worth having will be gladly agreed to and you’ll end the day feeling better about the entire situation.

A Little Numerological Look At Today’s Message:
This is the 880th post on my blog and for some reason that number caught my attention. If you’ve been reading my daily drawings, you know that when this happens I take a little extra time to derive the Shamanistic Numerological meaning of the number in question.

Actual Derived Designed Calculated
880 8+8+0=16 1+6=7 7

Seven – The number of higher existence, the Divine realm (as in 7th Heaven), the spiritual world or spiritual body.

  • This number is associated with Saturn.
  • This number is associated with the Willow Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Beaver.
  • It represents the Divine within (the higher consciousness), The Divine Universe as a whole (all consciousness connected). It’s more of a Divine place, rather than entity.  Such as Avalon, Heaven, Valhalla etc.
  • Positive Direction: 7 places an emphasis on the esoteric, scholarly aspects of magik. It represents wisdom and knowledge, a higher view or long term vision of things. The understanding of being accountable for your choices and actions, but not through making critical judgements.
  • Negative Direction: 7 can place too much importance on knowledge without exercising its wisdom. Brutally honest at times when there needs to be a soft touch of compassion. Though 7 doesn’t often make negative judgements, the need to be needed and helpful can get one into trouble.

The number matched the message from today’s card. Use a higher understanding to implement the wisdom behind your knowledge. Make sure you’re thinking about how things will apply to your path in the long term. Not doing so, could take away your ability to feel valued.

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