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What’s Your Wolf Name

A Moment Of Fun

It’s been a stressful day! This evening I decided to let off some built up energy with a little creativity. I saw a post on FB for finding your Wolf name and thought hmm..I don’t like the words they creator used for such a name. They were fearful, vicious and all the things western cultures have stereotyped wolves to be.

Wolves are regal, mystical and mysterious. They’re spiritual guides, teachers and show us the way into ourselves. Yeah they can often times be a bit randy. That’s because they know how to have a little fun and balance out the seriousness of life. So I decided to create my own Name Game to honor my namesake. This is my version of “What’s Your Wolf Name”. I hope you like it.

What's Your Wolf Name?

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Seven of Pentacles – Inv

7 of Pentacles: Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Work on your skills and practice your art. Even the best experts need to practice and evolve with new ideas and perspectives. Don’t assume you know it all. Arrogance will limit your audience and eventually cause your craft to become obsolete. Make sure you’re reading, learning and educating yourself on the new techniques so you can make sure that you stay relevant and productive.

Additional Insight:

No one knows it all or has the corner market on everything. It would take an awfully big corner to do that. All things in life grow and evolve. Even if you’re considered to be an expert, even your knowledge can be expanded with new ideas or recent discoveries.

Make sure you haven’t become to arrogant to listen to those new ideas, no matter who they come from. Someone younger than you may not have all your knowledge or experience. But they may have a new perspective of looking at things that inspired a new way of doing something more easily or more effective.

We must challenge each other and push the edges of our box to expand our thoughts and understandings. Whither we agree or disagree, we always have the opportunity to learn and support each other. Continue reading