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Another Inspiration Reflection

Self Reflection

What you don’t like about someone else,
Look In A Mirror.

Do You Practice What You Preach?

Today I found a FB Share on my feed that annoyed me. It was an image from an extended family member that attacked people in general who are not Christian and don’t believe in Christ as they do. It made me wonder if some people really understand what it means to Walk the path you Talk. Do you understand how to put into practice what you claim to preach? Or even why do they think they have the corner market on morality, intelligence, being a good person or living a respectable good or positive life?

Now I don’t mean all Christians are like this. I know quite a few who are accepting and loving of all people. They are what I would call true Christians. They practice their faith in every moment of their life without judgement. While others are only “Sunday Christians” or Christian when it suits them. They don’t think about the implications of their actions or words, or FB shares and it doesn’t represent what they would say is a “Good Christian”. They simply push a button and move on.

Reverend Troy Mendez is the Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in Phoenix Arizona and he said something on Anderson Cooper 360 this week that impressed me:  “we believe we are to seek and serve Christ in all people.” You can watch his interview on AC360:Mendez.  I highly recommend it for everyone. It’s a beautiful example of what I would call a real Christian. In the interview Rev. Mendez was talking about the Bill in Arizona that allows businesses to discriminate based on their Freedom of Religion. But his comments apply to life in general and in every situation we may face, not simply for this controversial bill. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Wands – Inverted

Six of Wands: Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You don’t have to stand on your own. There are many supports that can help you balance your weight and carry the load. You may need to release some of that “I don’t need help” pride and lean on someone for a few weeks while you heal. But don’t look at this as a weakness on your part. Look at it as an opportunity you’re giving to someone else to learn the lessons of compassion, understanding and friendship.

Additional Insight:

Being hurt, whither it’s emotional or physical, is part of life. We all go through it and we all feel weak in the knees when it happens. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about nor is there anything to feel guilty or ashamed of. It happens.

We are judged more for how we deal with the hurt and heal through the injury. Do you accept the compassion and concern from others? Do you wallow in self-pity? Are you afraid to admit someone else was right and your rose-colored glasses were too dark to see the truth? Continue reading