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Spring Appeared On KAOI Radio Hawaii

Springwolf's Appearances~ Pagan Metaphysics with Author Springwolf ~

From time to time I make appearances for lectures, workshops, book signings and interviews. We share the dates, locations and information about these events on the Appearance page here on Springwolf Reflections.

~ 10/28/2014 On Talk Story With Cindy Paulos ~
My dear friend Rev. Cindy Paulos invited me to join her show “Talk Story” on KAOI in Maui Hawaii. We shared a few moments to discuss how the Pagan holiday of Samhain is practiced, what it represents and how it inspired the Christian holiday of All Hallows Eve, also known as Halloween. Along with a little about What Is Paganism.   The segment is about 11 minutes long and you can listen to it through the audio player below.

KAOI Radio Group on the island of Maui provides several innovated radio stations to Hawaii. From great music to NewsTalk and original Community Views programing. Continue reading

Walking Your Talk Everyday

Go Within And Learn

Go Within And Learn

Can You Stand Up To Your Own Standards

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I get a lot of email from folks around the world. I love getting email. Especially from far off exotic places. I love answering questions and hearing about the experiences of others as they traverse their own paths through life and spiritual exploration.

It’s a double edge sword being a writer and teacher of a spiritual path that has centuries of demonstrative propaganda to stand up to. There are wonderful moments of enlightenment, excitement when someone shares their “Ah-ha” moments, and the inner peace you feel when others thank you for helping them find their own truth within themselves. It’s a calling I’m proud to take and honored to share.

But from time to time there are nasty eMails that condemn my writing, call me names and are in general monstrous accusations of sin, guilt, damnation and so on.

Anyone however, can receive an email like this. How you view those emails might say a lot about you and your own spiritual thoughts and perspectives. It can be a litmus test for how far you’ve come on your path, where you are today and maybe even shed some light on where you need to go moving forward.

Do they offend you? Do you get angry or take them to heart? Do you feel the need to respond or do you simply ignore them. If you do ignore them do you still think about what you would have said and how you would have put them in their place had you responded? Do you carry their message with you even if you know their comments and attack on your character are invalid?

Yesterday I received an email and I asked folks on my FB page this question: Continue reading

Another Inspiration Reflection

Self Reflection

What you don’t like about someone else,
Look In A Mirror.

Do You Practice What You Preach?

Today I found a FB Share on my feed that annoyed me. It was an image from an extended family member that attacked people in general who are not Christian and don’t believe in Christ as they do. It made me wonder if some people really understand what it means to Walk the path you Talk. Do you understand how to put into practice what you claim to preach? Or even why do they think they have the corner market on morality, intelligence, being a good person or living a respectable good or positive life?

Now I don’t mean all Christians are like this. I know quite a few who are accepting and loving of all people. They are what I would call true Christians. They practice their faith in every moment of their life without judgement. While others are only “Sunday Christians” or Christian when it suits them. They don’t think about the implications of their actions or words, or FB shares and it doesn’t represent what they would say is a “Good Christian”. They simply push a button and move on.

Reverend Troy Mendez is the Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in Phoenix Arizona and he said something on Anderson Cooper 360 this week that impressed me:  “we believe we are to seek and serve Christ in all people.” You can watch his interview on AC360:Mendez.  I highly recommend it for everyone. It’s a beautiful example of what I would call a real Christian. In the interview Rev. Mendez was talking about the Bill in Arizona that allows businesses to discriminate based on their Freedom of Religion. But his comments apply to life in general and in every situation we may face, not simply for this controversial bill. Continue reading

Merry Friday the 13th One and All

Wise Old WolfFear of Friday The 13th

Once again the thirteen day of the month falls on a Friday and people are wary of the events of the day. I’m astounded by the number of emails we have received this week concerning fear and worry about today.

Fear for Friday the 13th it has more to do with the spread of Christian culture and power than anything else. Even today there are people who want to give “credit” to the early church for creating this evil view in society. While that blame maybe warranted, it’s yet another case of how western Christian cultures believe everything is about them. However there is seriously little written about this superstition prior to the 19th Century (the 1800s) when superstition became common place.

According to Wikipedia:
Superstition is a belief in a false conception of supernatural causality: that one event leads to the cause of another without any physical process linking the two events, such as astrology, omens, witchcraft, etc, that contradicts natural science.

The very nature of superstition vilifies all beliefs that are considered to be non-christian.While astrology was commonly used in western cultures and indo-European kingdoms, it began to fall out of favor during the Inquisitions and increasingly became linked to witchcraft. Omens were seen as messages from nature, such as animal sign, and fortune-telling through the use of bones, tea leaves and a myriad of other tools from nature.

While these things started to be vilified by the Church in its early days, it came full force in the 16th century (1500s) when the Inquisitions were in full swing and the Church was at the height of power. While the power of the courts drove beliefs in these concepts underground and out of the public eye, they still existed behind closed doors and whispered in all levels of society. It took another 100 to 200 years for these practices to finally become denounced in all areas of western culture and dismissed by the average person in public and in private.

Thankfully the Church was not able to eradicate belief in these things, or the practice and knowledge of these things and events from history.

So here’s a different perspective. If you don’t follow the Christian religion, then why would you follow their fears and vilification of what typically for pagans is a great day of celebration and joy? Take some time to read up on the number 13 and Friday prior to the influences of Christianity.

The History of Friday the 13th.

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