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~ 10/28/2014 On Talk Story With Cindy Paulos ~
My dear friend Rev. Cindy Paulos invited me to join her show “Talk Story” on KAOI in Maui Hawaii. We shared a few moments to discuss how the Pagan holiday of Samhain is practiced, what it represents and how it inspired the Christian holiday of All Hallows Eve, also known as Halloween. Along with a little about What Is Paganism.   The segment is about 11 minutes long and you can listen to it through the audio player below.

KAOI Radio Group on the island of Maui provides several innovated radio stations to Hawaii. From great music to NewsTalk and original Community Views programing.

Cindy Paulos is a minister, writer, speaker, teacher, artist, composer, lyricist and videographer, as well as an award-winning radio and TV personality. She has worked in radio for much of her life in California. In 1989 she moved to Maui and has worked at KAOI Radio doing her own talk show. “Talk Story” is the longest running talk show on Maui, where Cindy interviews celebrities, political leaders and spiritual teachers. Visit her website @ CindyPaulos.com

Talk Story on KAOI ~ Click the player to listen:

A Few Links
In the interview I shared what are the differences between Pagan and non-Pagan religions. I want to clarify and share some links for those who might have questions about what I said relating to the non-Pagan religions.

Pagan is any religion that does not follow the doctrine of Abrahamic beliefs. That’s a huge category of religions that would include Shamanistic paths, such as Celtic, Norse, Native American Shamanism and more. Along with Buddhism, Hinduism, Heathenism, Metaphysics, Pagan Metaphysics and more.

The non-Pagan Abrahamic religions would include Judaism, Christian, Muslim faiths and their many off-shoots. Such as Voodoun and Devil Worship (yes this one too; albeit it’s the dark side of Abrahamic doctrine). What separates these three religions into their own perspectives is the understanding of Jesus Christ.

  • Most people know that in Judaism, Jesus was not seen as the Messiah. He was and still is seen as a Rabbi and teacher.  Jews do not believe that Jesus did any of the things that the scriptures said the messiah would do to announce and confirm his mission as the Messiah. ~ Judaism101 – Mashiach: The Messiah. Also see: Wikipedia: Judaism’s View of Jesus
  • In Christianity he is the Son of God and the Messiah who was crucified on the cross and died for the sins of Mankind. Christians obtain individual salvation from sin through repentance of sin and receiving Jesus Christ as their God and Savior through faith and grace. ~ Wikipedia: Christianity and Judaism.
  • Muslims respect and revere Jesus (peace be upon him).  They consider him one of the greatest of God’s messengers to mankind.  The Quran confirms his virgin birth in a chapter of the Quran entitled ‘Maryam’ (Mary). Muslims believe that Jesus was not crucified.  It was the plan of Jesus’ enemies to crucify him, but God saved him and raised him up to sit beside God.  The likeness of Jesus was put over another man.  Jesus’ enemies took this man and crucified him, thinking that he was Jesus. Because of this ascension, instead of death, Jesus is able to return in through the prophecy of the Second Coming. ~ The Guide To Understanding Islam. Also see: Wikipedia: Jesus in Islam.
  • For more on paganism, see What Is Paganism? here on Springwolf Reflections.
    You’ll find A Basic Description of Paganism & Pagan Metaphysics with additional links.
  • And if you’d like to read more about Samhain and Halloween, check out The History Of Samhain And Evolution of Halloween also here on Springwolf Reflections.

My thanks to Cindy for the opportunity to share some information, laughs and to help build some tolerance between all religions. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and listened too.


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