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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Three of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The rewards are coming your way for not giving into the shadows of anxiety and forsaking your inner spirit. All that faith to “let go and let god”, is starting to pay off. While you still had to put in an effort to help yourself, your efforts are manifesting with the help of the Divine Spirit. Things may not be over, but you won’t have to work as hard going forward. Remember hope helps you walk through the fire of struggle. Faith helps you leap over the fire.. Work is to be done on both journeys. The question is, do you take the low road and work hard. Or do you take the high road and use the bridge to get over the fire with ease.

Additional Insight:

Your hard work has been paying off. But you’ve barely scratched the surface. Getting in the harvest took a lot of effort. From the planting in the spring, nurturing your garden through the summer and harvesting the field; you’ve worked very hard. As you complete your fall tasks, all that effort and energy is beginning to pay off.

But the real rewards are still to come from the Divine source in your life. All that energy you put out asking for help to manifest your dreams are still forming. The final touches are in the works as Spirit brings your reward.

Be content that things are working out as you need them to be. Not simply as you want them to be. You won’t be uprooted where it counts the most. Keep pushing forward. You’ll be able to totally relax soon enough!
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