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The Ænigma Project On Oct 20th – Haunted Movie and TV Sets

Get Your Tinfoil Hat
and Join Us Live!

The Ænigma Project – Mondays 9 PM EST

We’re giving it a go one more time for our discussion of Haunted Movie and TV Sets, on location, in the studio and even away from the camera. A lot of things have happened to us that have postponed this topic; we’re hoping 3rd times the charm.

The Ænigma Project LIVE talk radio! Stop by and listen awhile as our hosts talk about the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and share mysterious events that take place in our lives everyday. Learn a little, laugh a lot, be intrigued and maybe even get a little scared. We look beyond the surface of the news at what’s hidden beneath layers of misunderstandings, misconceptions and even some of the fear propagated in our society today.

Join Paul Cagle and his co-hosts Sushi and Springwolf as we share our research, knowledge, insight and humor of the spiritual and paranormal.

Be part of our Ænigmite Crew and play “Truth or Tale”, can you tell which stories are real or which are made up? And find out what the latest strange or unusual news item is being talked about for the week as we discuss the “News of the Day”.

You can join in the chat room to share your own perspective, ask questions for the hosts to contemplate and address. Or simply listen to the show LIVE!

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ten of Wands

10 of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Keep your magik flowing and allow your inspiration to set you free. Those trying to hold you down are losing the battle. Their efforts to capture your energy has only made you stronger. You have grown in strength, distinction and wisdom that will help you overcome these challenges. Your enterprising solutions will work in your favor and help you to fly out of the darkness and despair.

Additional Insight:

Represent the essence of Enterprise & Inaction, Inspiration & Pessimism, Distinction & Disregard

The “enemy” controlling the ropes has had strength in numbers to capture you and hold you at their will. You have struggled and endured. Learned lessons as you have put your battle plans into play. Even though you have lost many times on the battlefield, you have learned from those events. Now that wisdom is supporting your current effort that could have you finally winning the war.

You have endured and from not giving up or giving in, you are much stronger now. You’re able to pull back on those ropes and get free from the oppression. Energy is still moving and it’s a work in progress. Don’t stop yet though. There’s still some magik up your sleeves that need to be brought out into the light.

It may seem like you’re running out of time, but oddly enough time is on your side. Keep the worry at bay and don’t allow its shadow back into your day. Keep the dreams alive by staying focused on the positives, the dreams and the ultimate outcome you desire. You never know what rewards the Divine might bring to you. So don’t limit the possibilities by talking yourself out of achieving that lofty and spectacular gift.
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