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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Hermit

The Hermit

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Light the way through the darkness and everyone will stay safe as you journey toward the new. You’ve passed through the heavy brush and can finally see through the dark shadows that have hovered over your path. The new year begins this evening and it’s time to relax and celebrate as you emerge from struggle. Return to the world you have been working so hard to rejoin. Monday will be a new and exciting start to the rest of your travels.

Additional Insight:

The time is coming when you will fully emerge from the darkness of struggle, stress and strife. Lead the way by pushing through the final obstacles that have weighed heavily upon your shoulders. It’s understandable that you’re weary and tired. But don’t give in to the pressures. Especially those you put on yourself. This weekend will help turn both your situation and your mood around.

For Pagans this evening is a night of reverent celebration to say goodbye to the old year and ring in the exciting adventures of the new seasons to come. Merry Samhain to you and yours. May you have a wondrous and uplifting festival.

But even if you’re not Pagan, Happy Halloween celebrations can also be merry and exciting. With gifts of laughter, moments of fright and the joyful smiles of the young, excited to dress up and dive into their baskets of chocolate, gummy bears, smarties, cherry pops and fruity treats. Continue reading

Merry Samhain & Happy Halloween

Photo by Dennis Dow, Woodland Park Zoo.

Photo by Dennis Dow, Woodland Park Zoo

Merry Samhain

Samhain is a Gaelic word that literally translates to  “Summer’s End”. It’s pronounced as sow-en, sow-ween, and yes, for some the Americanized Sam-hain really is acceptable. The holiday reminds us that things change and that includes the words we use, how we use them and even how we say them.

For the Celts, it marks the new year and the renewal of the Wheel of Life. We remember that all things move and change through observances of the changing seasons in the explosion of color (in fall or spring). The only constant in the Divine Universe is that things change. How they change depends on you. For what you think, say and do create the world around you.

Samhain is seen as the night when the dead come through the veil of the Otherworld and visit their living relatives and friends to join in ritual celebrations. This makes Samhain one of the most perfect times to communicate with spirits and honor the loved ones lost during this past year.

For some this holiday is a festival that is celebrated over a period of days. From 1 night, to 3 or even a full week of 7. Some even take 9 full days to recognize the Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Crone to honor the transitions of the Wheel, Circle or Cycle of life. Continue reading