Archive | February 9, 2014

Sunday Homily: Remember Your Pride

Spread A Smile

Smile When You Don’t Feel Like It

Carry Your Happiness With You

I meet people all the time in person, through email or messages, and they share their personal stories of struggle and challenge with me. They talk about feeling lost, feeling as though they’ve hit rock bottom, constantly sad and filled with anger. Not knowing where to turn or go to in order to find help or answers.

I’m blessed with seeing many, if not most of these people go through their “ah-ha” moments as they work forward through issues they never thought they could overcome. They start reading and learning. They begin turning their lives around and making significant changes not only up front in the beginning, but over the long haul with time and effort as well.

I shared something this morning with someone and a little voice said, there are others who need to hear this today. So if you’re one of those people who has had an “ah-ha” moment or you still face challenges and feel that you’re struggling with turning things around in your life, this is for you. Continue reading