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A Perspective On Tarot

The MoonWhat’s Behind The Card

Many people ask me about a particular card in a Tarot spread they laid out the night or week before. What does it mean, what might it be trying to tell them and how should they apply that to their spread? I can’t answer those questions for people. Why? Because they never share the image of the card or the intent behind its placement in the spread.

Many readers today think that the Moon card, for instance, means the same thing in deck A as it will in deck B. It doesn’t. It has a general category, but the meaning of the card is hidden within the images of that card. And since each deck is different, the message in the images will be different.

Additionally, if the card is part of the Major Arcana vs. the Minor Arcana that will also have influence on the meaning and message of the card. In general the Major Arcana deals with the higher consciousness, the spirit, spiritual karma, lessons and the soul’s mission in this lifetime.

Where as the Minor Arcana will be influenced by the physical aspects of day-to-day life. Your thinking process and perspectives and how those attract or repel energy around you. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Sun

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You are the Sun in your life. You are the source of its light. You decide what will be nurtured and what will be burned. You control what will be seen and what will be in shadow. Don’t let the nagging and negative voices dictate what can be grown or what will be locked away. Believe in yourself and let your light shine with respect, humility and confidence. Do this and success is yours.

Additional Insight:

The rays of the Sun are like ribbons upon the Earth. Each light taking you to a different time in your day. When you view each moment from the ground, you may not see how each is connected and intertwined. But when you move above the physical world and view the moments from the higher self, you can see how you touch each piece of the world around you.

Some of your light shines bright and warms that moment in time and those who share it with you. Some of your light might pierce the ground and burn its nutrients away. Some of your light may hide behind obstacles spreading shadow and doubt upon the path you tread. And some of your light might enhance the road allow you to see more clearly. Continue reading