Moon Phase Calendar – Update

"In Harmony" by Collin Bogle

“In Harmony” by Collin Bogle

Following The Phases

I’ve received a lot of emails so far this month about my decision to end the Moon Phase Calendar provided on Pagan’ I made the announcement that this is the last year we would be providing the yearly calendar and that seems to have stirred up a little discontent.

I’m thrilled so many of you have found the calendar helpful and useful in planning your rituals and gatherings. But thanks to technology, I can offer a replacement that’s better than the static calendar I offered.

I wrote a review of Android apps I’ve tested out for Sun & Moon Watching On Your Phone. I don’t have an Apple device so I don’t know an equivalent app for your iPhone, iPad or equivalent device. But I’m sure there are many out there who offer the same options as the ones I reviewed.

A few folks said the apps providing the exact time of day that the phase occurs is not what they’re looking for, but rather the calendar view is what they want. Ok great I get it. Seeing the whole month helps you plan your schedules. But I’m wondering, if those folks took the time to look at the article in question. Because look at this:


It’s a month calendar of the moon phases from Moon Phase Pro by Udell Enterprises, Inc. The same type of calendar I created at the end of each year. So you still have that too, and more. Isn’t that a good thing?  And I have more time at the end of the year to do the other little stuff that needs to get updated, changed and in general the little details that take up a lot of time to deal with.

The only constant in the universe is that things change. Don’t fight it so hard and you’ll make life a lot easier. For everyone even.  smiley-wink

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