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eMails Concerning Reiki Fakes

Springwolf's Hanko LogoAn Increased Concern

I’m trying to go through eMail this week that has been piling up over the past two months. Every now and then a trend will develop from eMail questions or requests for information that I feel needs to be brought out on a larger or more visible stage.

Over the past two months I have received a lot of emails concerning Reiki fakes and frauds. How to spot someone who’s fake or who’s operating in a fraudulent manner is a concern for any profession. But it’s one that’s easily purported in the spiritual arts.

I’ve written several articles that I hope have helped people spot frauds, charlatans and people claiming to have knowledge they haven’t truly obtained. You might want to check out the What Is A Spiritual Expert – Series.

The bottom line is, if you visit with someone claiming to be an expert at anything, you have the right to ask them questions about their training and knowledge. You have a right to ask to see their certifications. And that’s true no matter what professional field they are part of. Be it a medical doctor, lawyer, accountant or any form of spiritual service. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ace of Cups


Ace of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t get so distracted looking through the window that your emotions over flow. If you want to be noticed, go inside and be part of the party. Your self-doubt is keeping you at bay from others, simply because your fears of the past have moved to the surface. And there’s no reason for it. Stop hiding! You might actually have some fun!

Additional Insight:

The lack of confidence, self-deprecation, and “What’s wrong with me” attitude is the problem. You think everyone is ignoring you, when the problem is, you’re pushing everyone away. There are many who love you and want you to be part of their lives. Stop closing the door in their face.

Several have reached out to, even those you don’t even know in real life. So why are you ignoring the attention? Why are you trying to play the victim, when you’re the one who is causing the self segregation.

Either you’ll come across as aloof and conceited or as a drama queen who’s looking for attention. Neither one is what you really want, so stop playing the game and stand up. The recent events hasn’t changed your worth or value. It’s only changed your emotional view of yourself that’s coming from a state of fear and depression.

Only YOU can change your attitude. Everything happens for a reason in the right time and space. There’s a reason you’ve kicked yourself out. You can no longer run away and replace what’s missing in your life with work and full plate. Now you must take the time to sit still, contemplate and open up to become part of the world you want to be in.

Believe in yourself. You really have more value in life, work and love than you give yourself credit for. You’ve managed to reach the pinnacle of success in work and life. Now stop letting the past overshadow your connections to love. You do deserve better than that from yourself.

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