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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Four of Pentacles – Inverted

Four of Pentacles - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Four days of caution and being conservative are at hand. Don’t go out and spend more than you have. Don’t go out and let someone talk you into doing something you’ll regret later. There are plenty of fun free things to do on this last weekend of summer. Look for those and be cautious about who you spend time with this holiday.

Additional Insight:

That ‘close’ friend doesn’t have your best interests at heart. They want to play and they don’t care what it costs you. Time to make some tough choices. Are they really you’re friend? Or are they simply a fair weather acquaintance that wants to take advantage of you?

Be careful where you place your allegiance and take responsibility for your own actions. You run your life, not someone else. If you want to stick to your plan of making your dream come true, then sometimes you need to make sacrifices and stay at home. Put the grill on the patio, blow up a kiddy pool and relax a bit.  You deserve it anyway.

Those who are truly your friend will understand your reluctance to push your limits and have no problem relaxing with you. True friends support and help each other regardless of where and how. The real friendship is found in being with each other, no matter how or where that time is spent.


Happy Labor Day to one and all here in the States. There will be no drawing on Monday.
~ Springwolf 🐾

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