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Spring Appears On The SEPS Paranormal Podcast

Springwolf's AppearancesSEPS Paranormal –
Religion & Paranormal Investigation

The South Eastern Paranormal Society (SEPS) Podcast chronicles the Society’s investigations, and presents interviews, news and discussion from the broader world of the paranormal. Join paranormal investigators Paul Cagle, Gaz Davies and Sushi twice a month, as they discuss their investigations, share interviews and debate theories behind hauntings.

August 20, 2013 – Using Religion To Investigate The Paranormal
I sat in with SEPS’s Paul Cagle for the society’s bi-weekly podcast. We discussed the implications, good and bad, of conducting Paranormal Investigations with Religious perspectives.

You can listen to the PodCast on iTunes:SEPS or directly on the SEPS Blog.  The show should be posted by the end of the week, if not sooner.

SEPS Paranormal PodcastI mention a few articles in the PodCast and I wanted to share those as well.

From time to time I make appearances for lectures, workshops, book signings and interviews. We share the dates, locations and information about these events on the Appearance page here on Springwolf Reflections.


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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ace of Wands – Inverted

Ace of Wands - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Keep your creativity grounded and rooted in your own inspirations. Don’t worry about what others are doing or try to copy their work. Trying to hide your efforts does a disservice to your own wisdom and talent. And it could put your ethics in to question. If you are the artist and your work is being claimed by others, it may be a compliment, but don’t let them get away with it. It takes away from your hard work and more importantly your reputation.

Additional Insight:

Wands represent the essence of Enterprise, Inspiration, and Distinction. It is your inspiration that creates the distinction of your Enterprise. And your reputation. Protect your own reputation by being respectful and just, both for the work of others, and for your own work too.

When you use someone else as your inspiration to create something new, it’s an act of your own creativity. But when you use someone else’s view to duplicate their inspiration you are dismissing your own ability to create from within.

When you claim someone else’s work as your own (which happens a lot in today’s global digital world) you are setting the root of your reputation in fraud and like the fallen mushroom, that will fall into decay and rot. Give yourself the right to express your own view, imagination and creative ability. If you’re not sure what that is, take some time to write about what you see, believe and know. Use your own words to inspire your visions to create. If you feel you don’t know enough, then use your words as the inspiration to research, study and learn more.

If you are the creator who holds the imagination, wisdom and knowledge know that “copycats” are the great form of flattery. But in today’s society, your reputation means everything and allowing others to steal your work without reprisals could actually do harm to both your knowledge and your income. Holding respect for yourself in this case means knowing your own value and valuing your own contributions to others and the world. Respect yourself enough to not be afraid of standing up for the ownership of your own creations.

There’s much more at stake here than the immediate theft of property. There’s even more at stake than the immediate financial rewards. The biggest thing to be concerned about is the theft of your reputation which can impact your future. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and for what is rightfully yours.

You can order a personal reading from Spring through the Services at Spring’s Haven. We offer both in-house and email/phone/skype consultations. As a Ministerial organization, all our consultations are private and strictly confidential.

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