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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Judgement

Major Arcana JudgementTrust your own judgement and blow your own horn. It’s not the number of people who know you accomplished a goal. It’s making sure the right person knows. That’s the difference between confidence and arrogance. Be careful which side of the line you stand on today.

Additional Insight:

Accomplishments can sometimes be a rare thing in one’s life and they deserve to be recognized and celebrated. But when you want everyone to know and boast about your deeds you undermine the positive course of your actions. It’s not the Shaman who labels them self as the wise person to be listened to. It’s those around them who bestow that honor and give them that label. Be careful about the claims you make today and who you share your news with.

Confidence doesn’t need to be posted and spread through the community like a town crier. The person most important to knowing your good deeds and successes is you. If it’s about work, your boss may want to know. If you’re fortunate to have a special someone in your life, certainly they will want to help you celebrate. But remember you never achieve a goal without help. So make sure you thank those around you who have made their own sacrifices to help achieve the goal.

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance and sometimes that line is dependent on one’s perspective. Those who lack self-confidence will always see arrogance, because they lack the trust in their own judgement. Those who have a lack of self-worth will feel the need to boast about their accomplishments in an attempt to elevate their value. Don’t allow your self-doubt or negative talk to take control and run through the town saying “Look what I did”!

Those who hold humility within will discover and hold onto pride from knowing they did a good deed or achieved a desired goal. There’s no better way to celebrate than to honor the self with a nice pat on the back, a special cup of coffee, scoop of ice cream or a quiet moment spent with someone who loves you and will help you jump for joy in celebration.

In the end, the best way you can honor an achievement is to add this rung on the ladder to your collection and elevate the belief in yourself. Trust your judgement and you will achieve the success you seek.

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