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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knave of Wands –

Knave of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Think hard about what you want to create today, for it sets up the events you’ll go through for the rest of the year. This is a turning point day. Don’t be naive, or childish and think long term about how you want the remainder of the year to go. Be careful what you wish for. You might get it. So be sure it’s what you really want.

Additional Insight:

You have some decisions to make today and they have a profound impact on how the rest of your year will flow. So make sure you really know what you’re getting into and what you might be saying yes to. It’s a perfect day for remembering that sometimes what you “want”, isn’t always what you “need”.

You’ve worked long and hard up to this point. Careful you don’t throw that all away on one decision you might regret making. Think things through and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Remember, not everything is as it seems.

With either option, there maybe things you’ll gain; but there will also be things you lose. Make sure you weigh both sides of the scale and really look at the benefits; and the disadvantages of both side. Your choices may mean the scale can’t be balanced for a short time. In which case, you have to decide if you’re willing to live with the highs that emerge over the lows that can’t be avoided.

If you want to remain where you are, then use caution and proceed with conservative choices. If you want to shake things up and make a change, then you might want to grab the option that is presenting itself and take a chance on something new. Take time to look within, raise your conscious thought and be one with the Divine in your life and view what lays before you from a higher Spiritual perspective. Trust yourself and your instincts, then make the best decision for you. It’s your life, don’t let someone else dictate how you’ll live it.


The 5 Minute Alignment Meditation – Take some time to align your energy with the Divine in your life and don’t be afraid to ask what you should do that benefits your spiritual mission and your physical happiness.

This is the 660th post on Springwolf Reflections. I like round numbers. A numerological view of today’s message says: 6+6=12 ; 1+2=3 ; Today’s number – 3

Three –
The number of spirit, the whole (mind/body,spirit), wisdom and enlightenment, bringing empowerment.

  • This number is associated with Mars.
  • This number is associated with the Birch Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Snow Goose.
  • It represents the energy world or physical magik. It is a number of balance for feminine and masculine energy.
  • Positive Direction: 3 can denote intelligence and a unique ability to understand all sides. Because of this it’s a number of justice or fairness; being able to balance out all sides of an argument and working out the best for all sides. It’s a great number to have for those in the spiritual or legal professions.
  • Negative Direction: In reverse 3 can be overbearing, intrusive and disregarding fairness. It becomes a number of judgement based on self serving outcomes or a sense of righteousness.

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Springwolf On Amazon

readingAmazon’s Author Central

This week I gained access to my Author Central page on Amazon. The Author Page on provides a handy place for customers to learn about authors and the books they have written.

It gives authors a place to  share the most up-to-date information about themselves and their works with millions of readers. It does this by providing an easily accessible area to learn about an author through their biography, photos, blog, and more directly on

For author’s it provides inside information, such as timely sales data for free, including sales trends over time and where in the US your books are selling.

You’ll find my Amazon Author page here:

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Queen of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Wait till the fall to look back and assess how far you’ve come. Now is the time to stick to the plan and stay on task. Use your energy to create the magik you’re looking for. Success is manifesting more and more each day. So believe in yourself and you’ll be able to relax in a few more months.

Additional Insight:

Just because you’ve had a few victories doesn’t mean you can sit back and reap the rewards. There’s still work to be done and you need to keep your nose to the grindstone. Your efforts won’t be ignored. You gain ground a little bit more each week, and each month. Stick to the plan and keep moving forward.

As the fall arrives you’ll be able to take a little time to relax, but don’t count on going anywhere or doing anything big. Maybe go out to breakfast, or treat your family to a special dinner. But don’t plan on big spending ventures just yet.

Give it time and know that you are on the right track for the most part. Others are still waiting for you to complete a few tasks that are absolutely necessary for your success. Simply because things have gone well in the past few days/week doesn’t mean you can forget about those things. Get them done and out of the way.

You’ll be able to look back in October and see the great strides that have been made. If you stick to your current course. Careful you don’t fall back into bad habits and old patterns. Those will no longer serve you well. You can still do this! Don’t throw in the towel or give up now that your hard work is finally showing manifestation and promise. You can do this! Because you already have. Now keep it going.

~ Fitting post at 7:30am on 7/30
In Shamanistic numerology; 7+30=10 -> 1+0=1
One – The number of individualism, independence, the self, the physical body and contentment, the start and beginning.

  • This number is associated with the Sun.
  • This number is associated with the Reed Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Snake.
    (Today on 7/30  the snake represent healing within)
  • It represents the physical world and masculine energy.
    (Today that’s implemented through physical action, getting things done. Don’t put things off!)
  • Positive direction: When the ’1′ enters your life it represents confidence, self respect and empowerment. It denotes new projects or situations that are present. Consider the physical implications or impacts and how they will direct the path forward. What new conditions will be created, what old situations will need to be released.
  • Negative Direction: In reverse 1 indicates loneliness, feeling lost, self-doubt, poor self-confidence and illness. It shows the path of stagnation and a refusal to break old patterns that have proven to be detrimental.

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Next On The Ænigma Project – Sleep Paralysis

Get Your Tinfoil Hat
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The Ænigma Project – Mondays 9 PM EST

The Ænigma Project is a discussion group focused on the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious events that sometimes take place in our lives. Through multiple view points and experiences, we seek to enlighten our listeners and elucidate that which has become hidden beneath the many layers of misunderstanding and fear.

07/29 Our Topic: Sleep Paralysis
Have you ever woken up to find figures standing over your bed or seen shapes floating through your room? When you wake suddenly, do you find yourself paralyzed and unable to move? Sleep paralysis, is one of the Sensory phenomena effects of Hypnagogia (falling asleep) and  Hypnopompia (waking up). We discuss these states of sleep, their phenomena and the possible paranormal events that take place in these two states of sleep. This will be an interesting show and you don’t want to miss it.


Join Paul Cagle and his co-hosts Sushi and Springwolf as we share our research, knowledge, insight and humor, play “Truth or Tale” and talk about the news of the day.

You can join in the chat room to share your perspective or ask questions for the panel to contemplate and address. If you don’t want to join the chat, you can still listen live on your pc or Smartphone. Pick your favorite place and come listen to the show: 

There are many other ways you can listen on the go, at home, at work or in your car. Check out Tenacity’s “Hear Us On” technical page for more options. You won’t believe how many places there are available.

We always have a lot of fun! And we’d love to have you with us LIVE in our chat room. Check our Contact Us page for ways to stay connected on news and more happenings from The Ænigma Project.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Sun

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The support you have is solid as stone and will nurture you into success. The blood you have spilt has not been for naught. And out of the struggle has been born a gift that will always be yours to treasure. Let your light shine brightly and lead the way for those who are still in the darkness.

Additional Insight:

If you can make it, others will be inspired to succeed as well. Don’t give in yet. Yellow is the color of success and there is much of that in the Sun. She is the mother of endurance, growth, and spiritual enlightenment.

Allow her rays to keep you warm, to help you see the way ahead and help you direct her energy toward the achievement and success you’ve been working so hard to claim as yours.

There are still fights clamoring at your ankles. But don’t give into their negative attacks. They won’t draw blood and they won’t overwhelm your day, if you don’t give into attempts to pull you back into battle.

Keep a level head and walk with pride and confidence. You’ve earned the right to step out into the light. You’ve tended your garden of hopes and dreams. Now hold your head up and see your garden in full bloom as the Sun springs forth to shine her spotlight on you.

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A New About Page

graduating wolfSpring’s Educational Experience

This month I’ve received four emails and two Facebook contact messages about my thoughts on the programs at the University of Sedona and the University of Metaphysics. I’m excited there’s an increase in interest this month. Perhaps because of the continual negative or bad news we’ve seen here in July, people are looking for spiritual answers and inspiration. At least I hope so.

Anyway, I thought it might be helpful for those searching for information to merely add a page here on my blog so they can find it in their research. And hopefully it answers the questions more easily.

So I’ve added a new page in the about section “Spring’s Educational Experience” that addresses the common questions I’ve been asked over the years, and especially this month.

I hope it helps those looking into enrollment. If you’re looking into these Universities and you do enroll, I wish you all the success and achievement you set for yourself. And I hope the program you choose meets all your personal goals.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: King of Wands –

King of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Being the Boss means making the tough decisions and carrying the weight of the world on your own shoulders. Stop trying to dodge your responsibilities and take control of you life. You can’t blame someone else for the things you’ve failed to do. Get up and get moving.

Additional Insight:

Wands represent the essence of Enterprise, Inspiration and Distinction. The King is the ruler over these things. You control the enterprise that is your life. You control how your inspiration is expressed and put into motion. And you control the distinction of character that others associate with you.

If you continually pass the buck, you are doing a disservice to your own creative inspiration. If you refuse to take responsibility for your own actions, you diminish your value and decrease your inspiration that will help solve issues and deal with problems.

Yes you depend on others for some things. But remember they depend on you as well. If they’re trying to do the work and failing because of what’s out of their control; don’t be angry at them. Support them. And then work on what you need to do in order to create what’s needed for the team or partnership.

You have big dreams for your own enterprise. But what are you doing to bring them into manifestation? Are you waiting on others to do your tasks for you? Are you creating the strong foundation you need to build your Enterprise upon? Have you created the plan and the steps you know are needed at this point to get things going?

It’s ok if you don’t know it all. Don’t let that scare you into not doing something or giving it chance. Everyone learns as they go, by doing research, talking to others and making things happen. Work on building your dream from the bottom up. Create the foundation from which all other things will spring forth.

Believe in yourself, but remember you still have responsibilities to take care of. Even if that means putting the Enterprise aside for a few hours. Get it done, and you’ll be able to get back to making the dream a reality.

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I attract and acquire more happiness and financial abundance than I know what to do with!

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