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I’m trying to go through eMail this week that has been piling up over the past two months. Every now and then a trend will develop from eMail questions or requests for information that I feel needs to be brought out on a larger or more visible stage.

Over the past two months I have received a lot of emails concerning Reiki fakes and frauds. How to spot someone who’s fake or who’s operating in a fraudulent manner is a concern for any profession. But it’s one that’s easily purported in the spiritual arts.

I’ve written several articles that I hope have helped people spot frauds, charlatans and people claiming to have knowledge they haven’t truly obtained. You might want to check out the What Is A Spiritual Expert – Series.

The bottom line is, if you visit with someone claiming to be an expert at anything, you have the right to ask them questions about their training and knowledge. You have a right to ask to see their certifications. And that’s true no matter what professional field they are part of. Be it a medical doctor, lawyer, accountant or any form of spiritual service.

You’re paying out your hard earned money and potentially from limited resources. Anyone who is offended by your asking them about their credentials, no matter what level of profession they are, doesn’t have a right to receive your money or your respect. A demand for respect doesn’t create a respected individual. It creates an arrogant individual who doesn’t have faith in their own path to knowledge, experience or wisdom.

Many people have walked a path of traditional education and training. We are proud of our accomplishments no matter how long ago we attained them. We hang our certifications on the wall and proudly display our hard work in the letters behind our name. It’s an honor to discuss our path of struggle and achievement. Only those who lack confidence in their journey will be offended by your questions. And perhaps that’s the very person you want to avoid paying money too.

Having a healthy skepticism is good for ensuring you fully understand what you’re buying. Whether it’s a healing session or a legal consultation. But it also extends to attaining your own dream of certification in a specified practice. Do your research first if you’re looking to buy a service or pay for training for yourself.

When it comes to Reiki specifically, it’s important to note that there is a difference between the Traditionally trained Reiki channels and many of the modern variations of Reiki. 

bluecandleLet me say that there’s nothing wrong with creating an atmosphere of relaxation for both client and channel. I light a candle before all spiritual rituals, and to me a Reiki session is a spiritual event. I say a prayer as I light the candle, and before I begin a healing session.

This is more for me and my mind set than for a client or for the method of the session. I have various crystals in the room to enhance the energy or the “feel” of the session. Depending on the client, I may also use incense to prepare the room or help heighten my sense of awareness. This helps me as a channel to relax and concentrate. It may also help the client and their mind set. But none of these “tools” enhance or empower the Divine energy itself when the session begins.

There are many modern variations of Reiki as I mentioned. One of the issues behind other forms of Reiki is that they aren’t truly Reiki. Simply because someone says it’s Reiki, doesn’t mean that is. What some of them are can be described as their own form of holistic healing that incorporate varied spiritual approaches or concepts. That is neither good or bad, it’s just a different form of holistic healing. But they’re not Reiki and that’s the key point.

I have discussed several versions of “Reiki” healing methods on our website Spring’s Haven, but let me point out a few that were mentioned in the eMails I’ve received. 

Crystal Reiki

Traditional Reiki Hanko

Information About Traditional Reiki

Reiki is based in hands on healing and channeling Divine energy through the body to the client. Crystal Reiki approaches this method with the idea of sending the Universal energy through the channel and enhancing it through a crystal and then into that which needs to be healed. In traditional Reiki, YOU ARE the crystal, no other item is needed. How can you enhance something that is already Supremely Divine?

Kundalini Reiki
This form of Reiki reports to use Kundilini energy to enhance its healing method. Sighting this is the most powerful form of Reiki healing. I’m not sure how something is more “powerful” than the Divine itself, but ok, whatever works for you.

Reiki Aromatherapy
Another mixing of modalities, this form uses aromatherapy along with Reiki to enhance the energy or healing session. There’s nothing wrong with adding supports to any healing session. But like crystal healing, in Reiki the channel is the aroma. Divine energy doesn’t need human intervention to be more is already the greatest energy in the Divine Universe.

These are only a few examples of faulty thinking. I don’t understand why someone thinks they must improve on Divine Energy. By its very nature it’s the greatest energy in the Universe. How do you enhance something that is already the “all” the “everything”?

To me it’s the idea of “power”, which doesn’t work in spiritual thought. Power is a concept of ego. Especially if a person claims they can enhance the power of the Divine. Think about that for a moment in a more traditional phrase: “Especially if a person claims they can enhance the power of God”. Really? A lowly human has more “power” than God and can use an item (a God created item) to enhance God’s energy? Really? Shouldn’t that be a red flag about their knowledge and abilities right there? 

I don’t want to discourage people from using what works for them. Nor is it my intent to bash or degrade what others feel connected to in their approach to spiritual healing. But it’s hard not to point out the flaws in thinking without using blunt honesty. I’m sorry about that, but sometimes the truth can be a bit of a slap in the face, or at least upside the head Jethro Gibbs style. It’s meant in the most caring and loving way.

You may want to follow up with these articles: 

I hope this helps those who have asked the questions and raised concerns about the services they’ve received or are thinking about purchasing. Don’t be afraid to ask for verification. Don’t feel intimidated by others simply because they have some grandiose letters after their name. As one of those people, I can tell you that we’re no different than you are. We’re simply people, no better or worse. If they’re worth the price they’re charging, they’ll have no problem answering your questions. It’s your money. Be responsible for where you spend it.

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