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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Swords – Inverted

Six of Swords Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Bury the past and stop letting it control your today and tomorrows. Constantly scratching old wounds, should have done this or that, could have done that and all the other negative self talk will not solve anything. Focus on what you can do today and prepare for tomorrow. Let the old wounds heal and walk on the petals of life, instead of the thorns.

You cannot change the past. All you can do is change the way you allow the past to affect your present and your future.
~ Springwolf

Worrying about what you should have done years ago that may have allowed you to avoid what you’re going through today, is a pointless exercise in self-criticism. We all have things we wish we could have done, or changed. But dwelling on the past keeps you struggling in the past energy and allowing it to constantly exist in the now.

Stop it! Leave the past perceived mistakes in the past where they belong. Close your eyes and visualize yourself packing all the old criticisms into a crate. Put the energy of the mistakes in there along with the memories they generated. Then see yourself burying them deep into the ground and cover them up. Allow the cool energy of Mother Earth to sooth their ills and put their ‘souls’ to rest.

Now let them go. Don’t put a marker over their resting place. Don’t make note of where you left them. Simply see them at peace and walk away never to look back. Then turn your sight to the bright future that lays before you. See your path basked in sunlight, peace and abundance. See your path in the setting that brings you the greatest peace and self empowerment. Even if you look at today’s card, you can see the faeries looking at a brighter future. All they need do is step off the thorns and onto the petals. You can do this too.

You can, because you are One with the Divine Consciousness in Mind, Body and Spirit.
You are at peace and take your first step onto the path of a brighter and abundant future.
And so it is.

If you would like additional reading to incorporate this idea into your weekend activities, try the Letting Go meditation on Spring’s Haven.

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Had A Good Time At DQ’s Miracle Treat Day!

Supporting Children’s Hospitals

Back from the meet and greet at my local Dairy Queen in Thornburg Virginia.

If you missed the event earlier this morning, you can still support the cause. Buy a Blizzard anytime during the day today and part of the proceeds will go to local area Children’s Hospitals.

Visit Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day website to learn more about today’s event happening all over the country.

It was pretty fun in Thornburg. Met some great people and a few fans too. When I arrived I was met with a sign about the event as I walked into the store. Look, that’s me on there; now isn’t that cool? 

Vickie Carey (author)
That’s me! =D

Representatives from our local area Children’s Hospital were there. Along with the DQ store and regional managers. Oh…of course the Blizzard was there too!

Check out the fun from around the country –

If you didn’t make it out this year; I hope we can see you next year for DQs Miracle Day. I’ll be there!!

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ace of Cups – Inverted

Ace of Cups - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

A ‘goofy goober’ in your life is trying to keep you down. They’re puffing up their feathers trying to make them selves appear bigger than they are. If you don’t play into their game and give them that power, you will easily float beyond their attempts to manipulate you. The choice in this situation is up to you; not them. Remember you can, because you are one with the Divine Consciousness and nothing is more powerful than that.


Additional Insight:

No matter what age you’re dealing with, some people are still very immature and act like naive children. They allow their emotions to swing from one extreme to the other and often fail to think things through. They don’t consider the consequences of their actions and words, which will derail their attempts to succeed.

Keep this in mind as you react to their games and plan for your future. Don’t give them more power over you or your choices than they have..or deserve. Only you can give in to their stupidity and allow them to manipulate you.

When they try your patience, close your eyes and imagine your link to the Divine Consciousness getting stronger. See your silver cord move from your solar plexus, up your spine and through your upper chakras, out the top of your head and traveling quickly out into far reaches of the Universe. Then imagine the Divine Conscious energy attaching to your cord and effortlessly travel back down your cord, and into your head where it infuses with your higher Divine mind. See the energy fill your body from the top down, pushing out all stress and negativity down to the ends of your toes and out your physical being. See that negative energy quickly dissipate like a gray smoke floating away never doing harm to anyone again.

You can merge this vision and connect it to the words “I can, because I am One with the Divine”. Each time you implement this vision, say the phrase and over a few short weeks, you will link the two energies and pre-program your thoughts. You can then use the phrase as a pre-programmed vision that will be implemented automatically when ever you say the phrase. Which can be very helpful when you’re face to face with immature stupidity!

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Fool – Inverted

The Fool Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You maybe flying upside down to hide from the face of adversity. But your unconventional approach is helping you traverse through the dangers and attacks of those that are attempting to knock you off your glider. Let your inner insight show the way and you will continue your successful ride. You may not see it right now, as healing is trying to occur at the same time. But you will succeed on your flight and things really will be ok.


Additional Insight:

You’re not a fool, though some think you are. And for now that’s probably a good thing, as it means they are highly underestimating you. That mistake is in your favor! Don’t worry about the snakes who are trying to slither their way across your path and muck up the works. They have no real power and when confronted, most of them will run away with their heads cut off. And the one that’s left has already sealed their own fate of failure, stuck in the weeds of darkness, anger and ego. There’s nothing you need to do about them, except stay on your unconventional course.

The key is to smile in the face of the obstacles they try to put in your path. Because you already know through your insight that you have gotten through their tangled webs and weeds. You’ve been able to see their attempts to keep you under their control, and so those have failed. Keep focused on the direction of your glider, you’re heading up the beauty and blossoms of the garden. No one can stop that, except you.

Allow the success from above and below to ease your weary heart and provide the healing you need for the remainder of your journey. Remember balance does not come from the ends of the spectrum, it comes from the middle where stability resides. Stay balanced on your glider and you will be able to continue your successful ride. Don’t allow anger to push you off course. Don’t allow an over optimistic view to cloud your sight and not take care of something you know needs to be done. Rather, continue your course, glide your way through the remaining obstacles with ease and you’ll be able to hoist the battle flag of success. You really will be ok.

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Meet & Greet For A Good Cause

Meet Local Author Springwolf – Thursday 11am in Thornburg, Virginia
DQ Miracle Treat Day July 26, 2012

Come out and meet a local international author.

Springwolf will be appearing at Dairy Queen in Thornburg Virginia to support Miracle Treat Day for Children’s Hospital.

Proceeds of $1 or more* from every Blizzard® Treat purchased at participating DQ® stores will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In addition to that, for the first time ever, your Facebook RSVP to Miracle Treat Day will also be matched with a $1 donation to the cause—up to $50,000. Visit Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day website to learn more and link to your FB account.

Come out with the family, buy a Blizzard and lend your support to a great cause! Continue reading

Serendipity Magazine Special Issue Released

2012 Summer Edition Featuring Springwolf

Serendipity Magazine has issued an early release of their next issue featuring articles for Elements In Art. Explore with us how the element Earth has influenced these artists to create and express themselves. This is Part One of a Two-Part issue.

The first of this special two volume issue features many articles from some great authors, including one from our own Springwolf: “Working With the Elements”. The following is a brief excerpt:

The Energy Of The Universe
Do you really need to know the physics behind the metaphysical concepts of Crystal and Stone energy work? No, but sometimes knowing how something gets started and how it works can help you use the item to it’s fullest capabilities.

Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing – The Chariot – Inverted

The Chariot - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t turn your world upside down out of anger. Knee jerk reactions are never a good idea and they have not done you any great service in the past. You may discover what you became angry at isn’t accurate, or isn’t the whole truth. Set your anger aside and wait until you calm down before you put any actions into place. Patience and walking away until you calm down is the better course of action today.


Additional Insight:

You may already be living with the consequence of reacting to a situation first, instead of thinking it through. Don’t make that mistake again. Allowing your emotions to rule your path, whither it’s out of anger or from being overjoyed, can hide important details from your view. Details that if you had paid attention to them, would have altered your decisions.

Take off the rose colored glasses, or give yourself time to let the anger subside. Think things through, make sure you understand what consequences can occur and then decide if you’re willing to live with those choices. If your choice affects others in your life, make sure you talk to them first. They may not be in agreement and you may lose more than you bargained for.

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