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A Homily: How Do You Know You’re Healed


Empowered Healing

The Road To Recovery

Yesterday a fellow Minister asked a question that got me thinking. “How do you personally know that you have transcended a challenging or stressful situation?”

I interpret the question of transcended to mean, when do you know you have overcome the situation where real deep healing can begin and take place? What’s the point where you can forgive, let go and move on to heal yourself from within?

I think it’s different for each person. We all go through Trials, Trauma and Grief in our own way. But the healing process or phases of healing are generally the same regardless of the challenge or situation. Whatever inspires us to move through those phases can be as varied as the number of people on the planet. Real healing isn’t a moment in time, it’s a process that can take years. but it does have an end point of sorts.

I wrote an article many years ago that goes into much greater detail about this process: Dealing With Trials & Grief: Trials, Trauma & Grief (on SpringsHaven.com) in case you’re interested.

Basically the phases can be summed up as:
Shock / Acknowledgement; Denial / Acceptance; Guilt / Depression / Anger; Forgiveness; Hope / Action and Letting Go

When you’ve lived through the struggle and found yourself out the other side, that’s when the real healing begins. How long we spend in each phase of the process is up to the individual. But it can also aide or slow down the overall healing if we rush through or dwell too long in one healing phase. Continue reading

Sunday’s Homily: When Tragedy Strikes

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

The Alpha's

The Gift of Compassion

In the wake of the Aurora, Colorado “Batman Rises” theater shooting on July 20th, many are asking the question “Why?”. “Why would a supposed benevolent creator allow such a thing to happen?” Good questions that of course are not easily answered.

From the pagan perspective we do not view the Divine as an outside omnipotent being, aka “God”. For us the Divine is a collective. You are not the God, I am not the Goddess, but you and I and all things, seen and unseen, make up the Divine Consciousness. As such, the Divine is not good or bad energy; it’s just energy. Good, bad or indifferent the Divine really is everything. How we (we the incarnated being) express that energy is what’s important and where we find the answer to how can bad things happen to good people. Continue reading