Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Lovers – Inverted

The Lovers - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Even when it’s cloudy, you shine as bright as the sun. How your mood goes, so goes the reflection of the world around you. When you hold yourself up with pride, self confidence and joy, your energy can shine through even the toughest of times. That expression is then reflected back to you in the people you meet, the situations that cross your path and opportunities that come your way.  Remember to express the positive today, with a smile and compassion; even if it’s only for yourself.


Additional Insight:

Put a brand on your day with positive energy, compassion and love of self, and it will be reflected in all things you do. Remember you attract what you put out through thought and action. If you’re tired of the negative, bad luck, struggle and strife, then you’re the only one who can change it.

Stop looking in the mirror and seeing a failure or someone who isn’t beautiful or attractive. You are the perfect embodiment of the Divine and with your connection to the greater Divine Consciousness you can create the person and world you desire.

It starts with a smile, a look at the self and a good daily affirmation to remind you of your Divine perfection. Try this one:

I can because I am one with the Divine Universe
I am the embodiment of Divine Creation.
I love and approve of myself, and see others with love and compassion.
And So It Is.

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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