What You’ve Missed This Summer

Merlin von Habbenhaus

Merlin von Habbenhaus
January 29, 1998 – July 31, 2007

Here On Springwolf Reflections

If you haven’t visited during the summer, you’ve missed a few things. From the rare Friday the 13th Full Moon to the Summer Solstice celebrations with Faeries, the Sun and Moon, and a few spiritual insights you might want to take note of as well.

Check out what we’ve shared and expand your perspectives.

From June:
Spring Appeared on Paranormal MD Radio.
Summer Solstice – Time For Faeries.
Merry MidSummer & Winter Solstice Festivals.
I Was Told I’m A Born… : Witch, Wiccan, Shaman, etc.
Theology vs Metaphysics.
A Best Day Ever.
How Rare Is “Full Moon Friday the 13th”.
Happy Full Moon Friday the 13th.
The Numerology Of Friday June 13, 2014.
The Popularity of Friday the 13th.
Friday, the 13th and The Full Moon.
The Legend Of The Sun and The Moon.
Sunday Homily: Have Faith, Not Hope.
Intriguing Experience In Talking To Ghosts.

What you’ve missed so far this July:
It’s 07/14/14 – So What Does That Mean?
Many Paths, Many Perspectives – The Diversity of Spiritual Knowledge.
Spring Appears with Michelle Spalding – PodCast Available.
What Happens When We Die – The Process of Life and Death.
Words of Wisdom, Thought and Inspiration.
Quotes By Springwolf 🐾 – Some Things To Think About
Metaphysics: The Basics of Paganism – The Essence of Metaphysics
Who Are The Pagans – by Oberon Zell.
Be Like Water My Friend – Go With The Flow.

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