Archive | July 5, 2014

Resources for Spiritual Religions, Paths, Movements

readingResources For Learning

I’ve recently gotten into some conversations about learning and researching other belief systems. How can we build tolerance for each other, when we don’t even understand the perspectives others hold? We must start with reading, research and learning.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to be converted to another belief. If that does happen, then maybe you weren’t as anchored in your proclaimed belief in the first place. There’s nothing to be afraid of, unless you don’t think your views and beliefs can stand up to comparison or scrutiny. In which case, why would you want to follow a system of belief that isn’t valid within your own standards?

Learning about others can actually strengthen your own beliefs by expanding your views. When you remove the limitations from your mind, you can see a much larger view of the world around you. That might give you something to think about and lead you to research within your own beliefs to discover how this relates to that, or how does this explain that, and so on. Continue reading