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Spring with Michelle Spalding – PodCast Available

Springwolf's AppearancesIlluminate Together Radio ~ Pagan Metaphysics with Author Springwolf

I had a great time yesterday speaking with Michelle Spalding of Illuminate Together Radio. And I wanted to send out an official thank you for the invitation and wonderful chat. 30 minutes sure did fly by quickly!

The show has already uploaded the episode of our conversation. If you missed it LIVE on Wednesday, you can listen to the PodCast anytime you’d like on BlogTalk: Illuminate Together with Springwolf.

From time to time I make appearances for lectures, workshops, book signings and interviews. We share the dates, locations and information about these events on the Appearance page here on Springwolf Reflections..

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Strength – Inverted

Strength Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Protection, Success and Healing mark the day! Though you may be physically zapped of energy and strength, don’t let your exhaustion overwhelm your emotions. Things are working in your favor and the Divine is overseeing the events of the day. Don’t let your pride and ambition react with disdain or disrespect toward others. Your confidence will help you win the day, but too much flow of arrogance can backfire on what you need most.

Additional Insight:

Worry, lack of sleep, working hard and pushing through have all taken their toll on you physically. The Divine in your life, understands you’re tired and close to the edge of giving up. But don’t! You’re about to overcome the last hurdles.

Don’t attach your success to things or to material objects. They’re not what’s really important in your life, and you know it. Those who hold too much of a materialistic nature, have been and will be, forced to give up what they hold too high. Spiritual lessons aren’t always an easy thing to go through.

But those who understand the value of a peaceful walk through the forest with those you love or the value of the time you share together, can survive these lessons with relatively small losses. And for the most part, this group has already paid the dues for that course.

You’re facing spiritual lessons and putting your faith to the test. Do you walk the path you preach? Do you follow your own advice that you give to others? “Let go and Let God” direct your path to where you need to be, which may not be the same as where you want to be. Remember all things change. How quickly, how easily and in what direction is entirely up to you and how much you fight against the grain. So check your attitude at the door!
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