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Next On The Ænigma Project – The Lost Gospels

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The Ænigma Project – Mondays 9 PM EST

The Ænigma Project – The Lost Gospels – Has been postponed.
Seems the powers that be don’t want us talking about this tonight. Paul’s equipment by which we do the show has vanished beneath a packed up room full of stuff from a room being renovated. Oops! “It’s in there somewhere. But I can’t get to it or find it” said Mr. Cagle. We’re moving this episode to next Monday August 4th.
~ Sorry folks.

The Ænigma Project LIVE talk radio! Stop by and listen awhile as our hosts talk about the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and share mysterious events that take place in our lives everyday. Learn a little, laugh a lot, be intrigued and maybe even get a little scared. We look beyond the surface of the news at what’s hidden beneath layers of misunderstandings, misconceptions and even some of the fear propagated in our society today.

Join Paul Cagle and his co-hosts Sushi and Springwolf as we share our research, knowledge, insight and humor of the spiritual and paranormal. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Tower

The Tower

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Lightning rarely strikes the same place twice. Make sure you’re ready and prepared when opportunity arises today. It maybe exactly what you’ve been waiting for and you don’t want to miss it. Be reasonable, be optimistic and don’t be overly cautious. Not ever email or phone call is a scam out to get you. Stay focused on today’s tasks; but ready for the unexpected!

Additional Insight:

Don’t throw caution to the wind and fall for any offer that falls at your feet. But don’t be so cautious that you turn that dream offer you’ve been waiting for away. You know what to look for, you know the keywords that foretell of scams or cons. Use your common sense and be watchful for both the scams and that golden opportunity to arise.

Remember not every explosion in life is bad. Some have been designed to provide an exciting fireworks show in your honor. How you approach the day will create the type of explosion you discover. Out of Chaos comes Creation. Be Mindful and monitor your thoughts. What you think so shall you create.

Time to put your path where you mouth is. Are you going to talk a good talk and tell others what they should do, but not follow your own advice? Or are you going to step up to the plate and use all that you’ve learned to hit it out of the park? Continue reading