Friday, the 13th and The Full Moon

Thirteen On Springwolf ReflectionsWhat’s In A Day?

Thirteen. The number of transition and change. The Witch’s Number. The number of a Perfect Coven and Black Cats.

We’re coming up on another Friday the 13th this week and as usual I wanted to take note of it. It’s typically seen as a day of Good Luck for Pagans. A time to celebrate and take note of transition and change in our lives. To welcome and honor that change as part of the circle of life and the flow of Nature’s energy.

The one constant in Nature is that nothing stays the same. All things change. But in general humans fear change. They’re scared of what’s coming around the corner and what they don’t know. Better the Devil you know, than the one you don’t. But wouldn’t it be better to welcome change and be excited about what’s to come?!

This Friday the 13th is also marked by a Full Moon. In my clan we call this month’s full moon the Strawberry Moon, but it has other Moon Names too. For the Celts it’s the Moon of Horses. For the early Colonials it’s the Rose Moon. For the Cherokee it’s the Green Corn Moon. And of course there are many more.

So is there something special about a full moon falling on Friday the 13th? Of course there is!

Some people believe that the energy of Friday the 13th and the Full Moon give the day; and night, some extra energy to celebrate or utilize for their magikal workings or to help them during their normal day activities.

Anytime something unique or uncommon occurs in our lives it brings with it an extra bit of energy. Not only do you have the energy of good luck for it being Friday the 13th, but also the energy of the Full Moon. In Pagan circles those two energies combine and generate a larger energy of creation and manifestation.

We believe that all things, seen and unseen, throughout the Divine Universe are connected and intertwined. When two energies within that collection merge, the union increases the flow of energy and generates something bigger and new. “Out of the collision of chaos comes creation” is generally the concept or phrase heard most during these kinds of events.

The Full Moon and Thirteen
The number ’13′ is often referred to as the number of transition and change. People in general are resistant to change and reluctant to take on change when times are going well. But change in inevitable and constantly moves us forward, often whither we want it to or not. Thirteen is associated with the perfect number for a Witches Coven, with the Norse deities Frigg (goddess of marriage and fertility), or Freya (goddess of sex and fertility). To the Egyptians it was linked to the ultimate transition of Death to the highest realms of Divinity as a glorious time of transformation from physical to spiritual being. The only constant in the Universe, is change. Thirteen is associated with the Crow and Raven, black cats and letting go of the negative patterns we hold in our lives. – From The History of Friday The 13th

As for the Full Moon; Pagans believe the best rituals or magikal workings are conducted during the complementary energy phase of the moon. We call this the “Right Use of Energy with the Right Flow of Energy”.

Each phase of the moon brings with it a special flow or movement for that phase of the lunar cycle. Everyone knows the moon affects the tides of the worlds oceans. But because we are mostly liquid ourselves, these lunar phases also affect us. Understanding the movement of this energy can help you connect with and use those forces in magikal rituals, ceremonies, meditations and even your daily life.

You don’t have to be pagan to incorporate this concept. If you light a candle and say a prayer to the Divine in your life, you are conducting a form of ritual magik. You are making a petition to the Divine and asking for assistance to manifest what you’re praying for. What we magikal practitioners suggest is that your prayer be one that naturally flows with the energy of the lunar time period.

full-moon-lakeFor instance:
The energy of the Full Moon is best used for banishing unwanted influences in your life. Think of it as ‘shining a light’ on issues or challenges. It can also be a good time for creating protection magik and performing divination. You can use this time for releasing old patterns or issues, and open the door for healing by giving energy to positive patterns you’ll put in place. Full Moon magik can be conjured during the 3 days prior to the rise of the Full Moon, the night of the Full Moon and during the 3 days after.  – from Working with the Moon on

Add to this full moon energy the force of transition from Thirteen and you can see how this Friday is a great time for making change in your life. This Friday is a great day for breaking the patterns of woe that cause you stress and anxiety. Or use the day to break the habit of actions that cause ill-health or worry. Or perhaps you’ve been working to make your dreams come true and you’ve been facing blocks created out of fear.

Use the day, and especially the time after sunset to bring about Good Luck and positive energy that promotes the success of the change and transition you want most in your life. You can light a candle, say a prayer or cast a spell. Hold a Full Moon ritual with friends and family working in a clockwise direction to move the energy around you in a positive direction.

This Friday is a fantastic day to align yourself with the Cosmic energy of the Full Moon and this special Friday the 13th. Take time to connect with the Divine in your life, the Grand Mother Moon and the day itself.

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9 thoughts on “Friday, the 13th and The Full Moon

  1. It’s my wife’s 44th Birthday today and we are having a drumming circle. Do you have any suggestions for making this night even more receptive to this power energy?

  2. Friday the 13th is always my lucky day! Horray!!! I honestly did not read your entire post, so I really do apologize. My care for Rusty is still taking priority, so I just am going through my reader to support those I follow and who follow me. Bless you! Love, Amy

      • BLESS you!!! Rusty is really improving with a combination of Homeopathy and paw soaks in very warm water with one drop of liquid soap and on full capsule of Vita E. The Homeopathy targets inflammation and the Vita E encourages the hardened skin to soften so it will come off. And that it is! IF we had left it up to “medicine” he would have lost his leg. I am SO grateful hubs and I both decided to study Homeopathy years ago, using it on all of special needs cats. I know it works. Yet, it is SO hard to understand fully. All of our work is coming to fruition. I get down on my knees in complete and utter gratitude. Love, Amy

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