The Numerology Of Friday June 13, 2014

"Merlin In The Moon" by Springwolf 🐾

“Merlin In The Moon” by Springwolf 🐾

The Science Of Numbers

Tomorrow is a special Friday the 13th as it also coincides with June’s Full Moon. That’s a rare occurrence and it does have meaning to Pagans. (Friday the 13th and the Full Moon – June 13th, 2014). But so do the numbers within the date itself.

Mathematics is the only language shared by all humans regardless of culture, religion, or gender. We all use the same constructs to add up a basket of groceries regardless of country fund, be it dollars, yen, rubles or pounds. This type of literacy is called numeracy, which has been the shared language of people throughout history and across continents. It links together people from ancient times, old scholars and medieval merchants to artists, modern astronauts, presidents and every day people like you and me.

Consequently many people believe that numbers share insight and meaning to events and people associated with those events. Of course that also applies to Friday the 13th days. And since this one falls on a full moon, the more information and insight you have about the day, the better you can plan your observances for that moment in time.

The 13th & The Full Moon
The energy of the Full Moon is best used for banishing unwanted influences in your life. Think of it as ‘shining a light’ on issues or challenges. It can also be a good time for creating protection magik and performing divination. You can use this time for releasing old patterns or issues, and open the door for healing by giving energy to positive patterns you’ll put in place. Full Moon magik can be conjured during the 3 days prior to the rise of the Full Moon, the night of the Full Moon and during the 3 days after.  – from Working with the Moon on

The number ’13′ is often referred to as the number of transition and change. People in general are resistant to change and reluctant to take on change when times are going well. But change in inevitable and constantly moves us forward, often whither we want it to or not. Thirteen is associated with the perfect number for a Witches Coven, with the Norse deities Frigg (goddess of marriage and fertility), or Freya (goddess of sex and fertility). To the Egyptians it was linked to the ultimate transition of Death to the highest realms of Divinity as a glorious time of transformation from physical to spiritual being. The only constant in the Universe, is change. Thirteen is associated with the Crow and Raven, black cats and letting go of the negative patterns we hold in our lives. – From The History of Friday The 13th

The Message Behind The Date
In Shamanistic Numerology, the brand of numerology I practice, numbers are derived to a single digit. We also look at an accurate analysis of the date through the entire date 06.13.2014, instead of 06.13.14. We would also look at both the numerical number and the alpha-numeric number. The numerical number represents the spiritual aspect of the day. The alphanumerical version (June 13, 2014) represents aspects of physical life on that day.

The Spiritual Aspect:
Let’s start with the easiest one first: 06.13.2014

Actual Derived Calculated
06+13+2014 2+0+3+3 8

The spiritual aspect number is Eight.
What an appropriate number for this particular event. Thirteen is seen as the number of transition and is related to the Crow and Raven. Who also bring messages of change. The Full Moon is a time of breaking down blocks, altering patterns which hold you back or do not serve you well. Calculating the spiritual date to a number that also represents transition and change clearly emphasis the energy is great for getting rid of old patterns, barriers and moving forward.

The number of infinity, the infinite possibilities, breaking barriers, always moving.

  • This number is associated with Pluto.
  • This number is associated with the Hawthorne Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Deer.
  • It represents our ability to strive for things, be they personal, family, professional.
  • Positive Direction: When 8 is in your life it can represent a time to strive on, use innovation to overcome challenges. Endurance is a big thing with the number 8, as that effort to continue can bring great success in physical matters of profession, abundance and finance.
  • Negative Direction: In reverse 8 can indicate stagnation, constantly digging a hole that’s hard to get out of. Refusal to see how patterns create dis-ease and strife. Always giving up because there’s too much in the way.

numerology-shamanThe Physical Aspect:
June 13, 2014 – For the physical analysis of a number, we need to convert the letters of the date to numbers in order to complete the analysis.  We use the Shamanistic Numerology Conversion Table to do this.  Then like the previous process, we add the numbers together until we have a single digit.

June converts to: J – 10, U – 21, N – 14, E – 5
Add these together 10+21+14+5= 50. 5 + 0 = 5

Actual Derived Designed Calculated
5+13+2014 2+0+3+2 7

The Physical Aspect is 7.

Seven – The number of higher existence, the Divine realm (as in 7th Heaven), the spiritual world or spiritual body.

  • This number is associated with Saturn.
  • This number is associated with the Willow Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Beaver.
  • It represents the Divine within (the higher consciousness), The Divine Universe as a whole (all consciousness connected). It’s more of a Divine place, rather than entity.  Such as Avalon, Heaven, Valhalla etc.
  • Positive Direction: 7 places an emphasis on the esoteric, scholarly aspects of magik. It represents wisdom and knowledge, a higher view or long term vision of things. The understanding of being accountable for your choices and actions, but not through making critical judgements.
  • Negative Direction: 7 can place too much importance on knowledge without exercising its wisdom. Brutally honest at times when there needs to be a soft touch of compassion. Though 7 doesn’t often make negative judgements, the need to be needed and helpful can get one into trouble.


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Thank you for stopping by and checking up on the history and meaning behind Friday June 13th, 2014! I hope it’s a wonderfully exciting day for you and yours!

Many Blessings,
Springwolf 🐾

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