How Rare Is “Full Moon Friday the 13th”?

Merlin In The Moon

The Math Genius Is Working On That

Yesterday I asked the question “How rare is today’s event?” How often does the 13th fall on a Friday? How often does a Full Moon fall on a Friday? How often does a Full Moon fall on a Friday the 13th?

According to my Moon Phase Pro (yes there’s an app for that):
In the next 260 weeks: (approx. 5 years from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2019)
There are 11 Friday the 13ths.
There are 11 Full Moons that fall on a Friday.
There is 1 Full Moon that falls on Friday the 13th.

On Friday the 13th of January 2017 the full moon will be just past full, 98% full to be exact. Close, but not officially a full moon day which will be January 12th.  So we can’t count that one.

The Next Full Moon Friday the 13th will be in August 2049. According to

Ok, great but I want to know how rare this really is. That requires a lot more math than I know. So I asked my local math genius. That would be my partner. He loves math stuff. And this is both math and astrophysics, two things he really likes. His first calculations were interesting, but when we tried to verify the results, he was off by a day plus 20minutes. No cigar, back to the drawing board.

He went to the source; NASA. Um..sadly NASA doesn’t even agree with itself. On one page it says X and on another it says Y. Huh? I sure hope someone remembered to carry the 1, or the next asteroid they think will miss Earth may be a bit closer than their calculations originally said!

So what that means is, this is harder than it looks and he’s still working on the formula for the computer to crunch the numbers. Where’s Dr. Tyson when you need him?

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