I Was Told I’m A Born…

Wolfwitch by Springwolf 2012

Am I A Born Witch, Wiccan, Healer, Shaman?

Witch, Wiccan, Shaman, etc…

The popularity of the Full Moon Friday the 13th brought in a huge number of people to my blog and my websites. Along with those visits came a huge amount of eMail too. And I thought it was interested out of all the eMails, there was a recurring theme in about 20% of the bunch.

People have been told by someone, the someone varies from person to person, but someone has told them they are a Born Witch. A naturally born Wiccan or Shaman. A naturally born Healer or  Psychic. And few other things I’d rather not define here.  ;-o

I’ve answered each of those eMails on a personal level, but with the large pattern of recurrences to that question I thought I’d share some information here on the blog about that topic.

The simple answer is.. No, you’re not.
I’m sorry, you’re not a natural born witch, Wiccan, healer, shaman, or anything else like that.

Being a witch, Wiccan, shaman etc.  is a choice, not a birth right or predestined path. There is no witch DNA strand, or Wiccan chromosome in the human body. No magikal cell that can identify you as exceptionally different from any other non-witch, Wiccan, Shaman, Healer or anything else in the context of this question. Those are spiritual paths that one selects to follow, learn about, understand through practice and exercise.

A Born Psychic, I might step aside for; but in the scheme of things. so is everyone else in the world so that’s like saying your a natural born human. Yep. You sure are.

Everyone is psychic to some degree. Some of us are simply more aware of that sense than others. Some people are deaf and develop more acute awareness and ability in their other senses. The Psychic sense is no different in that respect. We all have gut feelings, intuition, an awareness of energy around us. Some of us have developed a stronger connection to that sense than others. But anyone can do that, with a little research, understanding and practice.

But being a natural born witch or Wiccan or whatever, is a choice. It’s not something you’re born with. A person can choose to work with energy upon a path of healing; instead of a path of magik. This choice doesn’t make the healer a Witch just because they work with energy. Lighting a candle in church and saying a prayer to Jesus, might be a form of candle magik, but it doesn’t make someone a Christian Witch.

Divination Altar

Magikal or Divination Altars

Magik is the science of energy manipulation. It is a practice of intense focus and understanding of how energy works in the Divine Universe. A person can make the choice to utilize that knowledge on any spiritual path, or outside a spiritual framework at all.

There are practitioners of Magik who do not work with energy in connection to any spiritual belief. These people are typically called Ceremonial Mages. They don’t care much for being called Ceremonial Witches. To them, witches are spiritual creatures and they prefer to distinguish their practice of the science of energy manipulation (magik) from those who incorporate magik with religion.

There again, it’s a choice. Are you a witch or a mage? Or simply a devoted religious person who lights a candle and says a prayer to petition your view of the Divine for help? If you burn incense to clear an area for religious practice does that make you a witch or shaman? You might ask a Catholic Priest that question when he is consecrating a chapel with frankincense and mir.

No one is ‘born a witch’ or can claim to be a ‘natural witch’. Even people with natural talents must first accept those abilities and then chose to use them. Many people feel they are called to a path or spiritual modality and that maybe true. But having a feeling for something, doesn’t mean you will always follow that instinct. All these decisions are conscious choices we each make within ourselves. They are not pre-ordained “born into you” titles. You have free will and choice to decide what path you want to walk and where you want that path to go. Even a person born with the ability to play a piano at a young age, must choose to play. What if they wanted to play the harp instead?

The Title or Label “Witch” is not specific to any one religion. Being a witch doesn’t make you pagan. It’s merely a label for a person who practices Magik. ‘Witch’ as a label can exist in many varieties of religions, not just pagan ones. There are Christian and Jewish Witches, just as there are Pagan Witches.

Wicca is a path of practice. Pagan Metaphysics is the religion that sets the foundation of our beliefs. But the practice of our tenets and spiritual understanding is further defined by the denominations. Wicca is only one of our traditions. Think of it this way, Wicca is to Pagan Metaphysics, what Baptist is to Christianity. There are many traditions of our religion. Some are older, some are newer. One is no better or worse than the next.

You cannot be born Baptist anymore than you can be born Wiccan. You might be raised in a family that has an affinity with a particular religion and denomination. But as you become an adult you develop your own views and thoughts. And your connection to the religion you were raised in may not be what you feel drawn to. These feelings are based on your life, your experiences and yes even the lessons you selected to learn in this lifetime as an incarnated being. But don’t forget that free will and choice option. You still make the choice to follow your gut feelings and convert to a nature based religion, or whatever it is that draws your attention.

A Shaman is someone who uses their psychic talents to research, study and learn about the spiritual path they feel drawn to. There are Celtic Shamans, Germanic Shamans, Native American Shamans and a number of others. Are you a Shaman? Is that something you want to work toward? If so, get ready to start decades of intense spiritual work. But make that choice because it’s something you feel drawn to do, not because someone told you that’s what you are. Walking the path of a spiritual leader is not an easy road. So be careful what you’re asking for; you might get it.

Hands On Healing

Hands On Healing

Are you a healer? Well we could debate the idea that we are all healers. We each have the ability to place a hand on someone’s shoulder and give them comfort. That compassion provides healing energy, whither we realize we’re doing it or not. A touch has impact and energy to it. Think about giving someone a hug, how does it make you feel? That exchange of energy can hold varying levels of energy, from compassion to passion. What makes a spiritual or energy healer, is nothing more than learning the details of that touch or exchange of energy and how one can direct it to areas of need.

Only you can decide what you are and define yourself. No one else can do that for you. Nor should you allow them to. You have free will and choice. Only you know what your lessons are for this lifetime. Only you know what your spiritual mission is to complete. Only you can live your life. Don’t give that up to someone else who could be sending you down a path that takes you far away from where you’re supposed to be.

Life is too short to waste your time on someone elses claim about your journey. When someone tells you what they think you are; simply thank them and let them know you think their perspective is interesting. But remember it’s you who creates your path and you who lives with the consequences. Make that creation something that fills you with passion and excitement. Because it’s what you’ve always wanted to do.

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