Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Sun – Inverted

The Sun - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Ask why you’re trying to shine so bright? Is it for pride, self-sufficiency and a sense of self-worth? Are you holding onto a healthy ego with confidence because you’ve accomplished goals you’ve set for yourself? It’s ok to be proud, you’ve earned that right. Or is it a strong desire for success and popularity because you want to be admired? The latter requires work, warmth and compassion. Pay attention to your actions and reactions today. Too much confidence creates a sense of entitlement and arrogance.

Additional Insight:

Too much ego creates arrogance and those who might normally look to you as an example of success, will be turned away with no desire to get to know you at all. Don’t let your physical condition (being tired or achy, etc.) change your personality so much that you become aloof and uncaring to those around you. You’re not the only one who’s suffering with lack of sleep or aches and pains. And your attitude maybe mistaken for a sense of arrogance and entitlement, instead of the fortitude trying to make it through the day.

Yellow is the color of success, and the sun has much to offer in that regard. But you must be cautious that the pride you have in your accomplishments doesn’t swing your pendulum to far in any direction. Not enough confidence and pride in your accomplishments can get you over looked. Too much and you might gain some negative attention you don’t necessarily want either.

In the psyche colors have meaning. Orange brings the message of: Confidence, ambition and pride.
A Vibrant Orange: Indicates ambition, pride, self-sufficiency. The good things that come with confidence.
A Dull Orange: Brings a lack of warmth, but a strong desire for success and popularity. Getting the fame with out the work. That’s the sense of entitlement.

It could be the person standing next to you who is kind, compassionate and caring toward others has earned more right to attain the fame and fortune you seek today. Don’t react to them with jealousy, but rather with a joy for their accomplishment. They’ve worked hard for it and they deserve it. If you truly want to stand by their side and keep them in your life, you’ll have to get over your own sense of self-worth and jealousy.

Buckle down and do the tedious work that needs to get done. Don’t shirk your duties, don’t run from your responsibilities. Focus on what you need to work on and begin or continue the process to achieve your goals. Your time will come and you’ll want those close by to be as equally happy for you. So give out a little, to get a little back.

Additional Reading:

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