2014 Appearances

Come Hear Springwolf!Spring’s Appearances – For 2014

From time to time Spring makes appearances for lectures, workshops, book signings and interviews. We share the dates, locations and information about these events here on Springwolf Reflections.


The Ænigma Project:

Spring appears every Monday night, 9pm eastern on The Ænigma Project – on the Tenacity Radio Network.

You can listen online and join the chat room to share your perspective or ask questions for the panel. Or you can check out the many ways you can listen on the go, at home, at work or in your car. If you don’t want to drop by the chat room, you can listen live to the Ænigma Project on TuneIn.com-Tenacity-Radio.

In your car or on the go, find your radio app that allows you to stream the show and search for Tenacity Radio, then save it as a favorite. We always have a lot of fun! Come on and join us!


03/15/2014Enlightening Radio –Pagan Metaphysics 101
You might know some of the Pagan traditions such as Wicca, but there’s so much more to the story and many more traditions than you might expect. We’re walking down the path of not only how Paganism came to be but also investigating the belief systems within these traditions today on Enlightening Radio with Spring’s help. She also helps us to investigate the relationship of Paganism to metaphysics and further, to New Age philosophies. And we’re also covering the essential connections from this belief system to energetic structures, to the natural world, to the relationship with the divine and much more. So much information to cover in an hour but you’ll have a much greater understanding not only of Paganism but how these traditions originally formed and their impact on our world today.


06/05/2014 – Paranormal MD Radio – Lady Springwolf
What is Paganism and how is it different from Pagan Metaphysics. Spring sits down with host Mary Marshall to talk about the basics of the beliefs, the religions and traditions associated with these two titles and much more! Including some ghost and paranormal discussions.


07/09/2014 – Illuminate Together Radio – Pagan Metaphysics with Author Springwolf
Get inspired and empowered to realize your goals and live your spiritual mission on your life’s path. How does Pagan Metaphysics help us to reach our goals and attain our dreams of success and fulfillment. Michelle Spalding and I talk about this and more on her afternoon talk radio show! Listen to the PodCast.


10/28/2014 – Talk Story on KAOI Radio – Samhain and Halloween
An 11 minute discussion of Samhain and Halloween. Find out how the holiday of Samhain is practiced, what it represents, and how it inspired the Christian holiday of All Hallows Eve, also known as Halloween. Along with a little about What Is Paganism. You can listen to the segment on news page and you’ll also find some longer explanations and clarifications of some of the topics we covered, with a few links for more reading.

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