A Correction – In Full Disclosure

OMG! Face Plant!!

OMG, Face Plant!!

Numerological Updates

If you’ve read my blog you know that I often say “no one is perfect” and “we all make mistakes”. Well I made a doosey!  And thanks to a visitor who pointed it out; I can correct it!

Geez! It is embarrassing when you make dumb mistakes. It’s worse when you have proof readers who miss it too; and it goes unnoticed or unreported for well, coming up on 2 years now! OMG!

That means wherever I’ve made a post about the Alphanumeric perspective of a number…it’s wrong! Wrong I tell you! Dayum! So now we’re going through the site for the last 2 years and correcting our stupidity! At least I can say “our”…and I don’t feel so alone! 😉

We’ll be adding a link to all the articles that have to be updated here on this post, in case anyone was relying on the information from that particular article. We want you to know it has been updated and corrected. It may take a day or two to find and fix everything, but we will be open, honest and transparent about it.

Admitting your mistakes isn’t always an easy thing. But it is the right thing to do. We could delete the comment from the person who found the error and go about changing things without anyone knowing. But if we did that someone out there might be holding onto erroneous information that directly affects their view or perspective of themselves or their world. And I can’t have that! It’s not the right thing to do and I value both my integrity, reputation and mostly those of you who read our sites and rely on our information too much to do that. So we will be open and honest about our mistake, screw up, stupidity….oh the words we could use!

Ok, so here’s the details of the issue.
Yesterday I posted an article about It’s 07/14/14 – So What Does That Mean? A visitor who’s interested in numbers studied the page and noticed something:
Looking over your Shamanistic System alpha-numeric chart, I first noticed that your alphabet went up to 28, and wondered why. I see that the numbers 11 and 21 are missing from the chart. Is there a reason for that?

Thank you SO MUCH for asking your question! I wish we could say yes; there’s a reason, but ….
The answer is Yes..because we’re stupid! Ok, because we’re human and we were so focused on making the graphic look good, we missed double checking to make sure it was accurate and correct. That’s basically all it came down to. The problem is, we’ve used that incorrect graphic to discern numerological messages on other posts here on Reflections because we never noticed the mistake, and neither did any one else. It didn’t even dawn on anyone that the alphabet went to 28 instead of 26! Wholly crap!

Back on October 2012 on the Shamanistic Numerology article, we originally posted the graphic of the Shamanistic Alphanumeric table. This one to be exact:

Shamanistic Table - Bad Table
And as you can see, the 11 and 21 are indeed missing. Now while I find it interesting that it’s those two numbers that were omitted; we’ve gotta fix this! So thanks to our admirable new friend for letting us know we screwed up! We’ve replaced the table on the original article to this:

numerology-shamanAnd we’re working on updating the affected articles here on Reflections. Including that one. Simply replacing the picture isn’t all we need to do. There are some examples on that page that are affected by this screw up and we need to update those and correct them.

As we find posts and fix them, we’ll be adding links here when we’re done so you know what we’ve updated and corrected.

Lastly let me extend a heartfelt apology to everyone for the inconvenience and any impacts this may have had on your research and study! We try very hard not to make such dumb mistakes and ensure our information is accurate. We seriously regret that we let this one get by us for so long. Yes we may miss an edit or two here and there. But there’s a big difference between leaving out a “the” or a “those” in a sentence and something like this! Hopefully we can make this correction in full disclosure and retain some of your trust in our work and the blog overall.

Many Blessings
~ Springwolf 🐾 

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2014 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “A Correction – In Full Disclosure

  1. Wow… Thumbs up to you for this post! In an age where so many people either make excuses or ignore things and hope they will just go away, you not only admitted a simple mistake but felt compelled to go back and correct every post that was affected by it. Not many people would do that. You’d have made a good court clerk (the job where I spent my career until I retired). Thank you for this response, which was far more than I expected. I really was expecting you to say yes, there’s a reason why you avoided those two numbers! Very cool… Thanks!

    By the way, everybody makes a mistake now and then. One of my doozeys as a court clerk was to type up orders and all the paperwork to send a guy to prison… A bit later the judge came to me and said “I was pretty sure I put this guy on probation… Would you please double-check that?” I checked, and sure enough, I had a long list of probation orders on the back of my notes that I had completely overlooked. D’oh… Obviously I re-typed the entire thing! But yeah, everybody is entitled to make a mistake now and then, even you!

    • Thank you Carole. And thank you for finding the mistake too. We’re all only human and we screw things up from time to time. Hopefully someone has our back and we’re able to correct it. I take my ministry very seriously and the last thing I want is for someone out there using my information to incorrectly calculate their name or birth date to learn about themselves; and then go through life thinking this about them self; when it should be that. I got enough karma to deal with in this lifetime; adding that kind of arrogance would probably do me in next time around. 😉

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