Another Friday the 13th

Thirteen On Springwolf ReflectionsOne Last Time For 2013

This week marks Friday December 13th, 2013 and many people are wondering what is it with Friday the 13th days anyway? What does it mean, where did this spooky tradition start and is it really a day for bad luck?

It’s known as “Black Friday” or “Black Cat Day” and fear of Friday the 13th is known as triskaidekaphobes. It may not surprise many people to know it’s not a world-wide thing. It’s pretty much an Anglo-European/American thing.

As with many evil and spooky occasions such as this, fear of Friday the 13th began with the vilification of pagan beliefs and practices from the early Christian Church. What a surprise! But this isn’t about them, it’s about Friday the 13th for December 2013!

What’s Behind The Date?
You can read a more in-depth look at Friday the 13ths in general, from an article I wrote April 13th 2012: The History of Friday The 13th – A Good Day For Pagans. And it is a good day for those who don’t fall into fear at the drop of every hat.

But this December 13, 2013, has its own interest for some people, from a numerological stand point. Mathematics is the only language shared by all humans regardless of culture, religion, or gender. We all use the same constructs to add up a basket of groceries regardless of country fund, be it dollars, yen, rubles or pounds. This type of literacy is called numeracy, which has been the shared language of people throughout history and across continents. It links together people from ancient times, old scholars and medieval merchants to artists, modern astronauts, presidents and every day people like you and me.

Consequently many people believe that numbers share insight and meaning to events and people associated with those events. Of course that couldn’t apply more than to Friday the 13th days. So what’s behind today’s number?

Numerology Of Today
There are many different methods of Numerology. Some calculate numbers to a single digit, while others accept double-digit numbers and still others accept double-digit numbers to a certain point. For instance, in some methods the number 13 is seen as the number of transition and movement from the old to the new.

In Shamanistic Numerology, the brand of numerology I practice, numbers are derived to a single digit. We also look at an accurate analysis of the date through the entire date 12.13.2013, instead of 12.13.13. We would also look at both the numerical number and the alpha-numeric number. The numerical number represents the spiritual aspect of the day. The alphanumerical version (December 13, 2013) represents aspects of physical life on that day.

The Spiritual Aspect:
Let’s start with the easiest one first: 12.13.2013
In Shamanistic Numerology we derive the number to a single digit. To do this we add all the numbers until a single digit is acquired. Like this:

(12) 1+2=3, (13) 1+3=4, (2013) 2+0+1+3=6;
Add each sum together 3+4+6=13; and finally 1+3=4
– Today’s spiritual aspect number is 4.

Four – The number of progression, the circle of life or the change of seasons, movement and cycles, the ability to endure, having stability.

  • This number is associated with Mercury.
  • This number is associated with the Mountain Ash Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Otter.
  • It represents the flow of spirit and nature.
  • Positive Direction: 4 is the number of nature. It embodies the talent of instinct and the ability to change and fit in with its surroundings. It is a mailable number that feels comfortable in the spirit world as equally as it does in the physical world.
  • Negative Direction: In reverse 4 can indicate instability, being flighty and having a need to get back to your roots. Feeling confused and not being able to make decisions, or choices on your own.

The Physical Aspect:
numerology-shamanDecember 13, 2013
For the physical aspect we need to convert the letters of the date to numbers in order to complete the analysis. Like this:

December: 4+5+3+5+13+2+5+18 = 55
5+5 = 10 | 1+0 = 1

So December calculates to 1, now we need to add the rest of the date.
1+13+2013 = 2027 | 2+0+2+7 = 11 | 1+1 = 2
– Today’s physical aspect number is 2.

Two – The number of love, union or partnership, intimacy and feelings, being balanced.

  • This number is associated with the Moon.
  • This number is associated with the Elder Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Elk.
  • It represents the emotional world and feminine energy.
  • Positive Direction: When 2 is present,  it can denote trust, companionship, and unity. People with this number as their spiritual number are sensitive and compassionate. They make great holistic healers.
  • Negative Direction: In reverse 2 can represent selfishness, jealousy, bigotry or lack of acceptance of others. Having feelings of being cut off from others or being segregated in life.


Additional Reading:
If you’re interested, you might also like to learn more about these topics that are part of this Friday the 13th’s message.

Thank you for stopping by and checking up on the history and meaning behind Friday the 13th for December 2013! I hope it’s a wonderfully exciting day for you and yours!

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