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Sunday Homily: Mindfulness

mindfulbellBeing Aware

Mindfulness, which, among other things, is an attentive awareness of the reality of things (especially of the present moment). Living in the now and being cognizant of the events you are engaged in at this moment in time.

It’s important to take a moment throughout the day to be Mindful of what you’re thing, how you’re allowing those thoughts to impact what you’re doing and how it resonates with your soul, spiritual mission and mental outlook. Both for a state of being and for a sense of living your beliefs and putting them into practice.

The thoughts you wake up with in the morning create your day. How you think through out the day, create your week. The patterns you develop throughout the month, create your year.

How you think, creates your reality, your health and your life.
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It is a state of being where balance and peace within the moment, within the self and being are the center of all things. It’s not just looking at your thoughts, but your present state of attitude and how that translates into the manifestation of actions and reactions.

If you are stressed, anxious or angry, those emotions will translate through you and into your actions. If you’re at peace and mindful of your thoughts, then the energy you create and express will be calm and enlightened. Do you want to yell at the person driving next to you on the highway? Or at the store clerk who’s taking to long to ring up your items? Or is there a way you can translate your spiritual awareness into calm peace and discover why you’re being held up in the first place? Continue reading