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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Moon – Inverted

The Moon - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

While complaining in silence may not create negative energy between you and others, it still hurts you and your soul. Stop looking outside yourself for approval, stability and happiness. Those things can only be found within you. It’s not that someone else isn’t “making you laugh”, it’s that you’re not allowing yourself to be happy. Be accountable for your own emotions and be mindful about where your head really is.

Additional Insight:

Many people struggle during this time of peace and joy. Some have reason to be  worried about finances and making ends meet. But even in struggle no one controls your emotions except you. Even in the face of hardship people find a reason to smile and be joyful. After all, this time of the year really isn’t about how many presents you have under the tree or that you have a tree at all.

The commercialism of this time of year has taken away from the real reason behind the holiday. No matter what religion you follow we are all affected by the attitudes of peace and love. Compassion and kindness don’t cost you a dime.

Stop complaining about your lack or the insensitivity of others. You may not be saying the negative things out loud to them, but you’re still holding that energy within yourself. You’re still attracting that negative energy to you and allowing it to build and be expressed through your every day actions. The scowl on your face, the way you walk or the defeatest tone in your voice. You don’t have to say the words to express your inner thinking, but it can and often will still get out there.

This time of year is about the upward turn of the wheel of life, coming back from the darkness of days to the light and warmth. It’s the return of the Sun god, shining light on what’s important in the world. Not the trappings of commercialism, or the hurt feelings because you didn’t get the present you asked for, or the stress of making everything “perfect” for everyone else and forgetting what real peace and joy mean to your soul and the spirit of the holiday.

Many talk a good talk and say the season is about family, being together and honoring the love and compassion we share with those close to us. Then they turn around and yell at their sister, or talk badly about the attitudes of their in-laws or the actions of their friend. It’s not enough to talk the talk and fool others about your real inner voice. Because the energy you create within your heart and soul will still have an impact on yourself, and those around you.

No one can “make” you feel happy or joyful during any time of the year, and especially not in one particular season. Only you can control your own emotions. You decide how you feel and what this time of year means to you. Stop blaming others for what is lacking in your vision of the season and change your vision. Be mindful about what you’re thinking and be honest with yourself about where you’re putting the importance of events and issues that surround you. Are you talking a good talk? Or are you really trying to practice what you preach? You’re the only one who can truly answer that question.

When you are mindful of your thoughts and actions, you allow the compassion you have for others to shine within and for yourself as well. You fill your heart and soul with the true meaning of peace and joy, not only in this time or in this season, but all the year long. You put your beliefs into action, and your message into practice. Instead of criticizing, give yourself a hug. Love your self and find the one thing that brings you joy over all things. Whither it’s a person or a good book and cup of tea by the fire. Love what’s around you and in turn, your love and compassion will surround you and bring more of the same to your day.

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