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You’re Never Alone

put-uponChoosing Your Feelings

Ever hear that phrase “You’re born alone, you live alone, you die alone”? I’ve come to dislike that phrase. And I’ve come to realize how untrue it really is.

I’ll start with “You’re born alone.”
I’m a Mom of a beautiful, smart and thoughtful child (well he is most of the time). But I’m fairly sure I was there when he was born. Within seconds he was being held by his father, caressed by me and loved even before he entered this world and took his first breath.

With very few exceptions on this Earth, the very moment we feel the air on our body and fill our lungs, we are touched and cared for with kindness and love. So how did this concept develop that we’re born alone? Continue reading


Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Nine of Wands – Inverted

9 of Wands Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t allow others to tie you down into situations you don’t want to be in. Giving up is not the answer to escaping the anger and hate thrown in your direction. You choose how others treat you by remaining in the situation. Walk away if needs be and find better people to be with.

Additional Insight:

Being frustrated and stressed is part of life. But taking it out on others throws the anger in directions it doesn’t belong. Be it the cashier at the coffee shop, or your partner in the next room, how you toss your energy around will affect others. There’s a difference between letting off steam through complaints and throwing your anger at someone else.

You’re probably not the only person who’s having a bad day. And anger begets anger. Remember people will judge you by the patterns you set and the words you use. What you say to express your frustration can be equally as volatile as how you say it. Your frustrations are owned by you. They’re don’t belong to someone else. Even if it’s something someone else did that caused you to react the way you did. You are still the one who is responsible for your actions and how you express them.

A house or office that is constantly filled with stress and anger will only breed more of the same energy. It infects everything and everyone no matter how much someone tries to avoid it. Don’t be the source of that angst and create the very thing that’s staring back at you in the mirror.

Take a walk, go to the gym, sit down and meditate for 10 minutes. There are a myriad of options to releasing the negative energy being held within you instead of dumping it on someone else’s lap. Take ownership of how you allow others to affect you and how you in turn impact them.

Smile at the cashier at the coffee shop, tell the clerk not to let others ruin their beautiful day, they’re not worth it. Tell them to imagine a little fairy flying over their head and dropping pixie dust in their hair to lift their spirits. Or maybe shooting an arrow in the behind of the person that made them angry. 😉

Sharing a kind word and a smile can go a lot farther than simply walking around with a scowl on your face. 

Additional reading: You Can Only Change Yourself, but that will cause others to change the way they react and interact with you.

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