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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Four of Wands


4 of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Find the thing you share an interest in and you’ll find your way back to each other. Don’t worry about who has more, or who gets the bigger piece. Stop getting upset over the little things in the day that come from stress and anxiety. Remember why you became friends, partners or family in the first place.

Additional Insight:

Everyone deals with stress and anxiety differently. And it can begin to weigh on you and your family, work-mates, partners and even those you meet in the street. You control how you allow those little things to bother you, and how much you allow them to grate on your nerves.

When you let the troubles, stress and anxiety win, you amplify those little things into huge issues that don’t make any sense. The bigger they get, the easier it is to allow other little things get to you as well.

Stop it. Stop letting the anxiety win the day. Stop letting the negativity of the world around you infect the every day events. You know what’s really important, even if others don’t share your view. It’s not the things you can buy that matter most. It’s the people who you live through them with.

You’re never too poor to be loved or cared about. Let go of the idea that everyone is against you and focus on those who are there trying to support you. Listen to them. Take their counsel and stop ignoring those who are desperate to help you. Bottom line is, if you keep turning them away, they’ll stop offering support and eventually you may find you’ve lost them all together.

Go back to the basics and find the things you share. Remember why you gravitated toward them in the first place. Look in their eyes and remind them you’re there and you’re listening and yes, you want their counsel, help, support or whatever the case maybe so everyone can get through these rough times together. You can do this! Don’t be afraid.

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