Looking With Better Eyes

Eyes of the Hunter

Eyes of the Hunter by Charles Alexander
The eyes have been altered from the original picture

How We See, Creates What We See

Last evening I received a comment on the Once In A Blue Moon post here on my blog.

You have a nice picture of a wooden chalice BUT it has a picture of a trap[ped] demon on the outside of the chalice. If you don’t believe me then look at the chalice close up!

It’s been a year since that post was published and this is the first time someone has mentioned anything like this. I’d like to share some insight about this perspective and how we see the world through the lenses we create with the energy we establish around us.

I looked at the cup in question (posted below). I asked my husband and son to look at the cup without telling them about the comments posted on the article.

Sometimes the grain in a wooden object is simply the grain created in the life of the tree it came from. People see what they want to see. That doesn’t mean others will see the same thing. 

How we see the world around us depends on the eyes we choose to see with. And sometimes we need to look with better eyes. What I see is beautiful grain and a wolf head. My husband saw a “k” and my son sees a wolf in a full sprint. There’s also two snakes moving from right to left, a goat that looks like he’s smiling and saluting. And yes one can even work out a spooky image. But what we initially see could be a warning about how we are seeing through the energy we surround our self with. “How we see” – what perspective we see with; “Creates what we see”.


The Wooden Chalice

I wanted to share this because I believe we choose to see the world around us as evil or peaceful based on our own experiences and our own outlook on life. What we are going through in that moment of our life and how we are reacting to it, creates the energy we surround our self with and what type of “glasses” we use to see through. If we are mistrustful of others, or feel negativity around us constantly it will begin to affect our vision, perspectives and in turn our lives.

When we put patterns into our life, they become part of us, part of who we are and what we are. Many people talk the talk of being a spiritual being or being a positive person, but unless they walk that talk, it’s nothing more than an attempt to fool the self, or the world around them, or both.

Many forget that walking your talk through a spiritual path, a motto or a description of the self means walking it every moment of your life. It’s not enough to give it lip service to impress your friends, or give yourself a false sense of “living right”.  You can see the world with clear glasses and use reason to provide balance about what you see. You can see through rose colored glasses and refuse to see warning signs. Or you see with glasses so dark that everything resides in shadow.

If you see negative images in things around you, ask yourself what am I doing to attract these energies? What have I been thinking or feeling? What am I surrounding myself with that all I see is negativity? Especially if you’re looking at something that might hold a reflection or an image like the wooden cup shown above.

Sometimes simply changing your outlook is what’s needed. Other times it may mean getting away from bad or negative situations. If you feel drained by work, look for another job. It might even mean walking away from those in your life who insist on keeping you in the anger and negativity. If you’re surrounded by people who make you feel drained, or influence you to do things you know you shouldn’t do, find better friends. If you’re with someone who makes you feel small, disrespected or continually fights with you, it maybe time to walk away. If they’re not willing to change with you, then perhaps they are what needs to be changed around you.

Don’t allow yourself to be anchored in the darkness. You control how you feel and how you react. No one can control your mind unless you allow them too. You are accountable for your thoughts. Even in the heat of an argument, if someone says something hurtful, you decide how to feel about that comment. You choose to allow it to hurt you or not. One of the worst phrases we say is “You made me feel….” when the more accurate comment should be “When you said (or did) this, I felt like…”. You can’t blame others or situations for how you think and feel.

better-eyesOf course there are times when our vision is trying to tell us that something isn’t right. We have brain that we need to use with reason in conjunction with what we see. If you’re walking down the street alone, or with a friend and see someone who doesn’t look right to you, reason the situation through. Where are you, what time of the day is it, what’s going on around you in the street? Reason through the circumstances and determine with clarity and balanced reason if you need to cross the street and avoid the potential danger ahead. Our instincts are part of us to help us stay safe, to create a sense of preservation. But instincts alone can be clouded by our outlook. We can’t live our life with blinders on. Instinct and reason make us what we are. Everything in life is about balance. When we remember that, vision, feelings and reason will serve us well.

Perhaps if we all try to look at the world around us with better eyes, we can see the goodness and find the beauty in life. We can use that extra split second to reason through our intuition and find the positive course of both thought and action. But it all starts with how we see the world around us and what energy we continually pull toward us to look through.

Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

If you start your day with negative insight, then you set up a pattern to react to situations in a negative way and it’s like a snowball effect. Negative thoughts; create negative energies, which establish negative activities or situations, which create negative thoughts again. Then things can go from bad to worse, because you’re bringing negative situations upon negative situations into your life.

The Divine perspective is merely an awareness of your equal value to all other things in and around the Divine Universe. Nothing else has greater energy than the Divine Universal Spirit and you working together. And nothing else is more beautiful or complete than that. I cannot stress how important this view is.

Nothing can stop you, limit you or hold you back, as long as you are working in concert with your Divine Self and the Divine Universal Spirit. With this thought firmly placed within your mind, you can face anything, accomplish anything, attain anything, and surpass all limitations people and society place on you. From Meditation, Energy & Action -“Walking Your Talk ©by Springwolf.

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