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Spread A Smile

Spread A Smile

Spread A Smile

Optimism and Smiling Help You Live Longer

There’s an old adage “ignorance is bliss” that pops up from time to time when I’m teaching or giving a lecture. Especially when the subject is about taking personal accountability for your life. Inevitably someone will mention this old saying and wonder why becoming more spiritually aware in your life means giving up that bliss happy feeling that comes along with attaining enlightenment.

The simple answer is, you’re looking at this from the wrong perspective. Because becoming personally accountable for your actions, thoughts and choices shouldn’t be a burden. It should give you a sense of empowerment over the path your life takes and the direction it’s headed into.

You have the free will and choice to allow every action you take to be overwhelming or a gift of insight and understanding. But that choice is yours to make. Others cannot make you happy, nor can they be held accountable for the choices you make in your life. When you stop blaming others for the things that go wrong in your life; you will discover that you had the power in your hands to create the results you wanted from the beginning. And that spiritual knowledge can and will help you change the direction of your path toward a more positive and optimistic future. Continue reading


Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Devil

The Devil

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

That little devilish character within is trying to tell you to relax and have some fun. Things have gotten way to serious lately and the perspective is causing you to miss the little fun things or humorous things that happen in everyday life. So stop waiting around for those big moments of celebration, they are few and far between. Instead enjoy all the little things that happen throughout the day that bring a smile or giggle or even a laugh or two. Besides, smiling makes you live longer.

Additional Insight:

One thing about being on a spiritual journey is that you learn to take more responsibility for your choices and actions. That personal accountability isn’t something to take lightly. It’s one reason why some people say “ignorance is bliss”. But for those on a spiritual path, the knowledge you gain should not be a burden or add to the weight you’re carrying on your shoulders. It’s not something that should focus your attention on the serious issues or choices that fall across your path. Rather just the opposite.

Walking a spiritual path of enlightenment should teach you that even though your free will and choices create accountability, they should also teach you that you’re not alone. You are also empowered to create the path of your dreams and that all things are possible. The knowledge you gain toward enlightenment should lift the burdens that weigh you down because you discover not only what’s really important and what has true value in your life.

When you understand this, the burdens in life are lighter and much easier to carry. The seriousness of stress and anxiety weakens and you can enjoy the little exciting and fun moments that pop up during the day.

Smile because you know all things are possible and you have the power to create them. Smile, laugh a little and let that mischievous devil out once in a while.

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