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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Hanged Fae

Hanged Fae

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Play among the blossoms of your garden. You’re spending so much time focusing on the problems around you and ignoring what you’ve already created. You really do have much to be thankful for. Allow the positive energy from those successes to build around you and attract more of the same.

Additional Insight:

What you dwell on, you pull to you. If you focus on negative, negative is all you’ll have. If you focus on the blessings, no matter how small or how few, you will build on that positive flow and bring more of the same onto you path.

Look around you and start listing your blessings. Look over your list of goals and mark off the ones you have already achieved. Watch that list grow more than you imagined. Use these positive actions to help you change your focus and bring more and bigger successes to your path.

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