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From All Of Us To All Of You


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Two Wolves – Who Will Win?

conflictMyths, Legends and Sharing Inspiration

Where do lessons of morality begin? Do they come in big packages that can’t be avoided? Or are they small gifts of opportunities to do the right thing? How small is to small when it comes to Walking Your Talk©?

There is an image circulating around Facebook sharing an old Cherokee legend and attributing the authorship to an anonymous person. Being a writer I often find it insulting when someone quotes a work, yet doesn’t give the credit to the original author. You have the Library of Alexandria at your fingertips. It doesn’t take much to look up an original artist for a picture or search for who originally said a particular quote you like. It only takes a bit of your time and a little effort.

Often times the “shared” information on social media networks are incorrect or inaccurate as well. So sometimes it really does help if you search for a legitimate source for information before you share the post or tweet and continue the process of misinformation.  Such is the case with the “Cherokee Legend” also known as “Two Wolves Within“. A story that has great wisdom and many lessons within its words. Continue reading

Sun & Moon Watching On Your Phone

howlingwolfSun, Planet & Moon Phase Apps

After posting my full moon picture yesterday I received a question about using apps for Sun and Moon watching on your smart phone. I recently upgraded my phone to a smart phone and had an opportunity to do some research on this subject.

Now I might be an IT Geek but I am by no means a professional cell phone / app tech or reporter. So take this for what it’s worth, it’s simply a consumer’s review and it certainly doesn’t cover all astronomical apps available on the market.

Additionally, my phone is an Android so I have no experience with iPhone apps. But I’m sure there are equivalent options available in iPhone and IPads.

I strongly suggest looking at the ratings provided to the app by other uses before you purchase an app. Read the reviews and see what others say about it. One thing I learned to look at are the number of users who rated the app. If an app has 5 gold stars and only 3 people have used it then you may not be getting what you’ve bargained for. However if the app has a 4 star rating and 600,000 users, I’d say that’s a pretty good app.

With all that said, here are a few Sun and Moon apps you might like to look into on GooglePlay. Prices listed are as of the date of this posting. Continue reading

The Last 2012 Full Moon

December 28, 2012 at 5:28am

Technically the last full moon of the year occurs early Friday morning here on the east coast of the U.S. But it sure looks good coming up over the lake in our backyard.



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2013 Moon and Astronomical Event Calendar

bluemoon2The Moon, Sun and Magik

Every practitioner of magik should know which days to work and which to take off. Which moon phases are best for what kind of casting and which are for rest.

Whither you call yourself a witch, mage, shaman or ceremonial magician, the moon is an integral part of magikal practices. Know what is happening in the skies around you and how those events are impacting the energy not only on Earth but upon the living things on the planet.

Understanding the astronomical events such as moon phase, lunar or solar eclipse, solstice and equinox dates and times will give a magikal practitioner more insight and understanding for their workings. It will also help when aligning your energies to those cosmic forces through your physical tools and your spiritual being.

Of course the guidelines to working with the Universal bodies are not cast in stone. And like most things in the pagan community where you are in the world, what culture you’re familiar with or drawn too will impact the correspondences between objects and energy. You may want to read about The Correspondence Of This And That for more information.

In magik, timing can be crucial to the success of a magikal practice. But even then, emergencies happen. Certainly if you have a friend in dire need of healing, you don’t need to wait until the next Waxing Moon to cast a healing spell or ritual. But when possible and for the best results here’s the Moon Phase Calendar for this year to help you plan your work.

Today we’re rolled out The Pagan’s Path ~ 2013 Moon Phase & Astronomical Calendar to assist in your planning for events during the coming year.

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Merry Christmas To One & All!

Merry Christmas
From everyone at Springwolf Reflections & Spring’s Haven!
May you be surrounded by all the things that bring Christmas cheer today.


May the GreatSpirits shine brightly upon your path bringing happiness & joy during this holiday season!

We received a couple of “we’re annoyed” notes about our Christmas post. Asking why a pagan center is posting Merry Christmas. To those we’d answer…

Just because we’re pagan doesn’t mean we can’t respect one of the most important days observed by another religion. We’re not in competition with others. It’s not “us” against “them”. Through appreciating each other, we learn tolerance and bring about peace between all like-minded people. So honor those around you and respect their practices, you may find that they return the same act of kindness to you.

peace on earth


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The History of Yule

The Winter Solstice
By SpringWolf, D.D., Ph.D.

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year and the beginning of Winter. In simple terms it is one of two points on the ecliptic at which the sun is overhead at the tropic of Capricorn, when the Sun is at its southern most point for those in the Northern Hemisphere.

“The earliest people on Earth knew that the sun’s path across the sky, the length of daylight, and the location of the sunrise and sunset all shifted in a regular way throughout the year. They built monuments such as Stonehenge in England and Machu Picchu in Peru to follow the sun’s yearly progress.”
Deborah Byrd

The Winter Solstice has marked the beginning of winter and provided a point in time where homes and communities needed to be prepared and ready for the barren cold months. For some it designated the official end of the harvest season. For others it marks a time of spiritual celebration. And for others it’s nothing more than an astronomical occurrence and scientific event. But to Pagans, it marks the beginning of the 12 Days of Yule and time to honor the Triple Goddess and rebirth of the God. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Death – Inverted

Death Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

It’s the end of the year and time to make way for new beginnings. Don’t spend time trying to keep one foot in the past. You will only continue the struggles. Lift your feet and allow yourself to fall out of the negative flow of energy that’s been hovering around like a thick mist. The air is much clearer beneath the surface.

Additional Insight:

It’s only when we go within and look through our spiritual eyes that we can see clearly what’s really around us. Drop the luggage that holds all the anger, blame and accusations from the past. Release the chains that are holding you in the fog where you cannot see what’s coming at you.

You are the one creating the darkness before you. And you are the only one who can put it to rest and trust your instincts. Stop listening to the negative voices around you. The ones that feed your fear and anxiety. Trust that your connection with the Divine has you exactly where you need to be at this time and place in your life.

Spend this evening in quiet meditation, alone or as a family. Regardless of the beliefs of others; ask those who are close to you and love to do this quick exercise with you. Close your eyes, take in 3 deep cleansing breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. As you do, imagine the white light of positive creation to come in through your nose and collect within your heart. See it push out the negative dark smoke from your body as you exhale through your mouth. Say a brief prayer outloud for everyone in your gathering – We release the negativity, anger and hatred of the past. We forgive those who helped to take away our sense of security and safety. We let go of the fear and turn toward the positive road with clarity and excitement. We bring Divine blessings to our path, here and now. And so it is.


This is our last drawing for 2012.

Merry Solstice and Happy Holidays to one and all. May the GreatSpirits shine brightly upon your path to ease your heart and soul. You are blessed and loved.


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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Priest

The Priest

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Put on a brave face today and not only will you fool others, but you’ll fool yourself into a good mood as well. Turn your day around from stress and sorrow to relief and glee. It will inspire others, and start the energy to recovery for yourself as well. Allow the healing to start with you.

Additional Insight:

How you view yourself and feel within defines the energy that surrounds you during the day. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed with sorrow and anxiety and you allow depression to fill your day. Perhaps even your life. We don’t always know why things happen the way they do, why bad things happen to good people is a mystery. But how we deal with adversity sets up the next chapter we face in life.

You are the spiritual leader on your own path through life. Allow your inner spirit to guide you through troubled times as you do through times of celebration. There is a time to mourn and heal, and time to let it go and trust that you are being guided to where you need to be. There are much bigger lessons in play today and how you face them will define the rest of your life.

Don’t allow the monsters in the shadows to win this battle. Don’t allow them to change the good person within you. Instead, close your eyes ask the Divine in your life to give you the strength to take the next steps forward to control your own destiny into the light of healing, joy and peaceful security.


Things will not change by osmosis. It will take effort on your part. If you’re struggling and filled with anxiety or sorrow, take a little time to read Meditation, Energy and Action. Put your beliefs and your strengths into practice and manifest the day you want to have.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Nine of Cups – Inverted

9 of Cups - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t allow adversity to pull you away from those who are closest to you. It’s not their fault things have happened the way they have. So why are you taking your anger out on them? Now more than ever you should be leaning on each other and helping each other find the strength to endure, improvise, adapt and overcome!

Additional Insight:

Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming in anyone’s life. But can put extra unnecessary burdens on relationships as well. It can develop an atmosphere of “us against them” or “me against everyone else” which includes those closest to you.

The challenges in life are not created by one person inside a bubble. Everyone of us has a responsibility to the issues in our lives. We made choices, perhaps years ago, that have come into manifestation today. Thus we are equally responsible for the events that land on our path regardless of what someone has or has not done.

Don’t blame someone else who you’ve been close to for your struggles. Take on the shared responsibility and face the issues as a united front. You will find someone to lean on when you need help standing up for another day. Tomorrow you can be there for them when they need propping up.

Respect for each other will keep your love and compassion alive and working together instead of fighting within the ranks and destroying your world at every angle and every turn. It doesn’t matter if your partner is a spouse, family member or your personal relationship with the Divine in your life.

Use your energies to support and heal within, and you will find the strength to endure, the creative innovation to overcome and the wisdom to succeed. Align your energies for the united good of all and you will obtain the peace, security and happiness you deserve.

Remember to put your beliefs into practice: 5 Minute Alignment Meditation – connect to the Divine in your life for strength, insight and the creative energy to overcome any issue you face.

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